How Clickbait, Linkbait, and Viral Content Effect SEO

SEO is growing day by day and is exploring new areas of content marketing.

Clickbait, linkbait and viral content are some new way marketers found to promote contents. These terms are unknown to most webmasters.

When a new concept comes, it is very difficult to implement it without knowing the full fact about it. Marketers adopt various option to promote a website. Campaigns are the most popular way they use to attract more traffic. It also affects the ranking of a website.

There are many campaign techniques to attract users. Marketers use clickbait, linkbait and viral content in many campaigns.

When we want to promote your website and make it attractive to search engine then optimization is essential. So, before implementing anything new, a webmaster should think about its effect on SEO.

While applying these techniques to content, to attract users you must know how to use it effectively in your SEO campaign. This is a guide to help you to know more about these terms and its effect on your SEO.

First, we need to know the term definitions

How can we define Clickbait?

Click base is a title that is used to attract the user and make them click on the website which contains content using an attractive title. You can use phrases to make it clickable with the title.

You may have seen so many examples on the internet. Some of the phrases that can increase CTR are ‘you’ll never see this anywhere else’, ‘check it out to know more‘, ‘this can happen to you too‘ etc.

You can see many such examples, on YouTube. The main purpose of such a title is to attract more users. People will click know more about the content and this can automatically increase website traffic.

But when you implement it, you must be careful to do it the right way. Sometimes if you don’t get it done then it can negatively impact your SEO.

How to Place Clickbait in SEO Campaigns:

We can say that clickbait is very sensitive. When you choose the title for a topic make it more personal. Don’t follow the same boring titles usually starts with how to do website optimization.

You can change the title as ‘what we learned about website optimization after analyzing 5000 high performing sites’. This is more genuine than the typical title. These types of title can work with your site traffic.

Linking your article with a YouTube video that generated great site traffic can increase your website traffic too.

You can replace the video with infographics, image, and many more elements to do this. You can also apply this technique if you are hosting a site where people can post articles.

Journalism and media sites are applying this to attract more users to click on it. So, we can say that this can work well if you applied it well. Effectiveness will vary with the type of content.

Tips for Using Clickbait:

Emotional title:

Connect with users’ emotion through your title. This can help with the decision-making process.

Use words like biggest sale ever, guarantee, the amazing discount only for you, etc. to attract users to your site.

Target locations:

If you want to attract certain people, target their geographical location and create titles according to it. This can help to narrow down your target and make result accordingly.

For example, if you are advertising a service to a location you can make your title as ‘The best service in your area with low service charge’.

Length of title:

When you create a title, it is best to try a short one instead of lengthy titles. They are easy to understand, and sometimes the long title cannot show with your website link.

Include numbers:

If you can include numbers in your title then it will be clickable. I explained it above.

Some examples are like top 5, top 10, etc. You can see so many titles who applies this technique to improve traffic.

What is Link Bait?

Creating quality contents that can attract other websites to link with your or include your link as their reference. This is known as link building according to SEO which is one of the best ways to increase SERP and your site ranking. This is one of the best strategies according to SEO experts.

Like that marketers consider link bait seriously. It is not always easy to attract others to link with your site. Content quality, site popularity, and many other factors decide people link with your site.

The content could be anything like a video, infographic, image, etc. There is no use by getting any backlink. You must ensure that you get quality backlinks to your content.

You can achieve this by competing with all other quality contents in your niche. So, make an effort to stand out from all your competitor sites to achieve linkbait.

Where to Place Linkbaits in SEO Campaigns:

You can create your content as shareable to attract more links. People can share content that is more practical and can add something valuable to their life.

Social sharing is very important to get more links to your content. It is very difficult to make your content evergreen.

So, when you post something consider linkbait in your mind and do changes in your content accordingly.

Great content is the first and foremost criteria to get linkbait.

Many experts’ advice to make your content unique and enjoyable to the audience. This will automatically reach to users and if they like what you said, they will promote your content and improve its reach.

As your content gets popular more authority sites will come to your content and link with it. It is also a part of their link building strategy to create a connection with popular content. Here are some points you can check with your content to be shareable

  • Content should be related to something they care about
  • Keeps them connected and updated about your new events
  • Make your content entertaining
  • Content should be popular and liked by most users
  • Offer fresh content

Tips For using Linkbaits Effectively:

Share your content:

You can share your content on various social media sites to improve its reach to more users.

You can connect with more users in social media and this can make your content popular and will also help you with linkbait


Like social media promotion, marketing is also very important for your success. Social media sharing is one among them.

Adopt other options to market your content to make it reach more users. Marketers can play an important role in this. Work with good marketers and find out how can you promote your content.

Prefer quantity over quality:

You can provide the best contents to users that can help you to build better backlinks.

It is better than providing so many irrelevant contents. Create relevant articles that can increase shareability.

Give what readers want:

You can concentrate on creating content that users want. If you are creating something that doesn’t even want to know, nobody will click on your content link. They will go to other websites that can give you useful content.

What is Viral Content?

Viral content is anything that has the power to circulate faster through social media. There will be something special about the content to be viral. Social media makes this possible because many people share content if they like it.

Most viral contents are videos from YouTube or any images. As the name implies it can spread like a virus. Viral videos have got the power to stick longer than any other content type.

There are many factors that can promote the virality of the video. It could be the content, quality, or sometimes a title and many more.

Viral contents are long-lasting. People share it as long as they like it. We can say that visual contents are more viral than any other types of contents. The main reason is its impact on users.

It is very difficult to make content viral. You have to work well on it.

While creating content we cannot predict whether it could be viral or not. It will depend on the acceptance from the audience. You can see your targeted audience in advance and create content that entertains them.

Do as many promotions you can and widen its reach. After that, there is a chance to get a virality for video, only if users like its content.

How to Place Viral Content in SEO Campaigns:

An SEO campaign will be successful if they can create viral contents to promote it. The main factors you should concentrate on while creating a video or content is to trigger shares. The content should be shareable, and you also can share it to your social media accounts.

One other method you can do is to host viral contents on your website. This can improve your website traffic and also makes your content viral.

If your content is shareable more backlinks will come to your website. This is where link baits connect with viral contents.

When your page circulates as a resource page to more website, more people will be curious to know the content of the resource page and they will click on your link. This is the best option to create viral content.

To make all possible, the first criteria is your content quality. Content plays an important part in everything like backlinks, shareability, site traffic, site ranking, etc.

Sharing is like a continuous process. Like a chain process, once the sharing of your content starts, it keeps going on without ending. Then you don’t have to do anything. Just think about how to create similar contents next time. Give something new every time to make them happy.

Tips for Creating Viral Contents:

Remarkable content:

Other than content aggregation, embedding viral YouTube videos or reference articles, you need to concentrate more on your content. It should be something that can be useful to the audience.

If your content gets viral just because of these factors, then the search engine will notice your content and it can cause negative impacts too. If you can ensure content quality, then no need to worry about anything.


Numbers can make your content clearer and clickable. The more people click on your content there is a great chance of becoming viral, when you write, then use top 5, top 10 tips for doing a process.

Be funny:

If you want to create a viral video or content, funny titles will help with it. There are many examples of the funny video you can see on YouTube which became viral.

When it comes to content if you can include some fun element in it then shareability of the content increases.

Research data:

Can you research on a topic and write about it with real facts and number?

It can easily get viral. But topic selection should be something that can attract viewers to it. If you can reveal something exciting to them, it is very easy to make it more popular.


Follow the trend and create content based on it. This is the best way to get noticed.

If the content of the video is interesting, then you can stand out from all other competitors.

Write something about current trends and the biggest possibility for next year. These types of contents are more popular than all other types of normal contents.

Putting all together:

We can say that all 3 terms are interconnected, and it cannot be possible to be successful without any one of them.

  • Clickbait is the titles you give to content to make it more clickable.
  • Linkbait means creating quality contents that are linkable.
  • The virality of content depends on both.

If the content is clickable and linkable it is easy to be viral. All three terms play an important role in SEO campaigns. But one should use it effectively to get the result as expected.

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