Top 25 Blogging Tools to Manage and Grow your Blog

WordPress is an exceedingly famous Content Management System, preferred by numerous bloggers around the globe.

A few years back, drafting and developing sites was an immensely big deal, but at present, even beginners can create websites without being knowledgeable about coding or programming language. This is where WordPress plays a critical role! With WordPress in hands, even amateurs or learners can create sites in just no time.

As a newbie, you only have to get a domain name registered and secure some hosting and you are all set to take off. However, despite this, you may still run into multiple difficulties while preparing a website, even if it is very simple. This is where the importance of distinct free tools advances which perfectly goes well with WordPress.

When you opt to run a blog, then there are countable difficulties that you may run into. Or the other alternative is that you consider speeding up certain processes so that your much time is not wasted. While most of such tools are free, you can consider premium tools as well, that delivers excellent functionality at budgeted rates.

If you really want to grow your WordPress post this time and want to know all relevant tools that can help you to achieve this, then here is the List of top 20 tools that can excellently assist you to not only manage but also grow your WordPress blog. These tools will not only smooth down your work but will also save you lot of time.!

Tools to Manage WordPress

Blogging Tools for WordPress Management:

1. Google Analytics:

Any online business can succeed only if it understands its audience. With Google Analytics in possession, you can easily avail all vital statistics that are required to understand your online business audience. It can be not only easily installed but is also free.

2. Sucuri:

No matter what functionality your website holds, it can be attacked or hacked by denial or malware of service attacks. Sucuri is an amazing site security and monitoring service that offers real-time alerts for the occurrence of any doubtful activity on your website. It can not only prevent malware functioning on your website but can also detect and remove it efficiently.

3. VaultPress:

If you want your online business to grow then it is essential that you keep a backup for all crucial elements. You can support your website with the power of VaultPress that is obtainable at an affordable subscription.

There are multiple plans and pricing available out of which you can select a plan to secure automated virtual backup solutions with single click restore option.

4. TablePress:

No need to write or create hectic tables for your blogs through CSS or HTML. The TablePress is an excellent tool that allows you to add tables to any of your WordPress posts. It is a user-friendly tool equipped with advanced features like exporting data, sorting columns, utilizing formulas in tables, and more.

5. Edit Flow:

If you have to manage a WordPress blog of multiple authors then this can be really daunting. Especially when you are not aware of what everyone else is working on. Edit Flow can provide you with a trouble-free editorial workflow management solution for all types of WordPress fueled websites. It enables you to add tailor-made status, write editorial feedback, execute content strategy, and interpret editorial feedback.

6. Yoast SEO Plugin:

The WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is an absolute solution for optimizing WordPress site. Since this tool is power-packed with numerous features, so it avoids the need for installing other types of plugins. It is convenient to install and can be set up in WordPress to obtain countless benefits.

7. After the Deadline:

A blog with too many grammar or spelling errors can fail to engage the audience. So to avoid meeting such problem with your WordPress blog employ the latest ‘After the Deadline’ tool. Presented by Automattic, this tool will not only rectify spelling and grammar errors but will also check the blog for its writing style to make it more engaging and enhance its readability.

8. Thirsty Affiliates:

Affiliate marketing is a vital source of income for a large number of online site owners. However, the overall task of managing and adding affiliate links can be exceedingly time-consuming. This is what that gives the Thirsty Affiliates so much significance. It is a spectacular link manager that allows you to add affiliate links and cloak links with striking URLs. It even auto-insert links for respective keywords.

9. PollDaddy:

Its functionality is recognizable from its name. This tool enables users to add surveys, quizzes, and polls to their WordPress website. With its incredible power, the tool makes it extremely simple to generate polls and swiftly incorporate them into your blog posts. The only vital fact about this tool is that it asks you to link to your account.

10. Disqus:

There is an in-built commenting system present within WordPress. If your blog or website stands among those that receive a number of comments then you can do much better with Disqus. With third-party commenting functionality, this tool comes with an anti-spam feature, offer easy comment subscription options, and have faster load times.

11. Boomerang:

If sending all emails in one go is not possible then still don’t worry as Boomerang can simplify your email sending task completely. With the use of this plugin, you can program emails to be sent later. This tool from Gmail allows you to take control of your functionalities related with sending and receiving emails.

12. Floating Social Bar:

Most of the social media plugins can reduce your website’s speed. But Floating Social Bar is the most lucrative social plugin that only needs social media buttons when there is any requirement for it. This tool adds a glutinous floating bar on the WordPress posts to enhance your blog visibility on social media.

13. MailChimp:

This is an excellent and one of the most renowned email service providers that allow users to build an email list as well as design emails and send it directly to users. It is a user-friendly tool that is beneficial for beginners. Besides this, the tool is highly powerful and can be a versatile tool for experienced users.

14. Easy Digital Downloads:

This is the simplest tool to sell digital goods with WordPress. The tool comes with numerous payment gateways, discount codes, recurring payments, add-ons and reports. Due to its convenient functionality, it is an amazing tool for not only experienced users but even for beginners. With high-end customization feature, users can avail great end results with this tool.

15. Soliloquy:

The market is full of multiple WordPress plugins, but most of the times such plugins can reduce the overall speed of your WordPress blog. Soliloquy is the swiftest WordPress slider plugin that can help you to generate beautiful responsive sliders without hampering your overall website’s speed. It is a great tool for beginners as well as experienced people and at the same time highly easy to use.

16. IFTTT:

This is an incredible online tool that allows its users to put the internet on work just for them. With IFTTT you can share posts on social media, organize text messages, and in fact handle all your calls in the fully automated way. Everything at IFTTT is mechanized and can be done in just minute time.

17. Gravity Forms:

This is the friendliest form of plugin contact for beginners. By using this tool, you can not only create contact forms, but you can also add surveys, submit posts, store things, lightbox popup, and do many more things. It also allows you to store your relevant form entries into a database that you can export conveniently at any time you wish.

18. OptinMonster:

This is the finest WordPress lead generation plugin that enables you to add appealing option forms into your WordPress website. This tool helps you to secure more subscribers for your blog.

It is inbuilt with exclusive features like split testing, targeting of page level, an exit-intent technology that enables you to display a lightbox popup when a user intends to leave your website.

19. Pikto Chart:

Now making beautiful and attractive charts, infographics, and presentations are possible with PiktoChart. With hundreds of built-in templates, this tool allows you to upload lots of images with ease. You can utilize its simple drop and drag interface to outline any sort of infographic.

20. Canva:

Do you aim to add professional looking graphics to your site? If yes, then Canva enables you to outline beautiful graphic designs, create posters, edit images, with an intuitive and simple drop and drag interface. Presence of user-friendly features makes it easy to use the tool not only for experienced professionals but even for beginners.

21. Infinite WP:

Now managing more than one WordPress blog is extremely convenient with this fantastic tool. Just like its name suggests, you can manage more than one WP blog at the same time. It is really a helpful tool when you have multiple clients or when you are operating numerous websites of your own.

22. Feedly:

If you are hunting for the best plugin to read your RSS feeds then this is it. This is the most advanced and updated tool to read RSS feeds. It is available on the internet, as a browser extension and also as an app on iOS and Android devices.

23. TargetGrow:

With the power of TargeGrow, you can hunt resourceful connections on Twitter and enhance your overall user engagement for your website. You just have to sign up to avail this service and offer a couple of hashtags that describe your products, business, or interest. TargetGrow will then search for valuable users that can share your online business interest. It will also offer you with appropriate tweets from such users who can act as icebreakers for your business.

24. EMV Headline Analyzer:

Engaging viewers is even more difficult than targeting them. If you want to generate a powerful impact on your viewers then you have to engage them emotionally. The EMV Headline Analyzer check your post headings, titles, and other vital stuff to calculate the overall volume of emotional impact that it may generate on your viewers. This tool can help you to enhance the power of this impact as high as possible.

25. Editorial Assistant:

The Editorial Assistant plugin is simply the best way to keep all your drafts and posts organized. The great thing about this tool is that anything that you will update within this tool will instantly be updated on the post. It is an amazing and easy way to keep all your content organized and even your entire team in sync.

Additional Key Tools you must Consider:

1. Google Keyword Planner:

Focused keywords are very much essential while writing an article. The Google keyword planner focuses on this and can offer you with an estimated search volume linked with that keyword. If you are not looking for any specific keyword then don’t worry as Google will do the hard work and offer you with targeted keywords to make you have a healthy blog post.

2. Google Webmaster tools:

For most blogs, search engines are a vital source of traffic. It is extremely vital that you stay aware of how search engines see your online sites. Google webmaster tools enable you to do this only. It allows you to see how many numbers of times your site is crawled, which keywords are providing your site with the best performance on Google, how pages are indexed, and if there is anything wrong within your site.

WordPress Blogs or WordPress websites can help you target potential audience. But, it is essential that you consider using powerful tools that can manage and expand your blogs reachability. These are the top 25 tools to grow and manage your WordPress blog. While most of these tools are user-friendly and ideal for novices, some of them may need a slight technical knowledge, to begin with. However, the great thing is that these tools actually work and might do not cause any hefty monetary burden on your pocket. So, if you truly wish to not only manage but also expand your WordPress blog then sign up start availing benefits of these tools now!

The above-mentioned tools are exceedingly high performing and can offer you with a robust platform that can promote your post across channels.

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