Blogger Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself to Blog

Motivation is a very common problem that all bloggers face. It is difficult to get new topics every day. But when you have a blog and you want to make it popular there are some qualities you need to maintain.

Always find topics that interest your viewers. They should get something interesting by reading your blogs.

But it is very difficult to find something interesting when you do blogging continuously. At some point, you might not be able to find new topics and you will feel demotivated. It’s easy to set up a new blog but difficult to maintain the quality always.

You cannot get success always. If you cannot maintain the quality, people may not visit your blog. This is a very depressing situation for every blogger.

Blogger Motivation

You can find many tips to write a blog. But, it is difficult to find tips to motivate a blogger. By reading all these blogs one may feel demotivated. To retrieve their lost confidence, a blogger should try something new always.

You cannot find any rules to follow using which you can get back your confidence. For that, you have to do new experiments with your blog. Try something new that may attract your viewers. Follow your feelings. Nobody can stop you.

So, if you are searching for some tips to motivate, you are in the right place. Most of them are known to everybody. But you can try them and know how they help you.

Even though you know it, sometimes a reminder is essential to help you remember them. Read these tips that help every blogger to motivate themselves.

Blogger Motivation Tips to Blog every day:

Tip 1: Don’t write for others, write for yourself

This is the first and foremost thing every blogger need to follow. When we look for tips on how to write a better blog, everyone says to write for viewers. But it is not true.

You cannot satisfy everyone if you are not satisfied with your own creation. So, the first thing to keep in mind when you want to motivate yourself is to write for yourself.

Some new bloggers will select a topic and copies somebody else. But this is not a good practice. Your blog is your identity. In order to make it unique, write in your own style.

All you have to do is follow your own writing style and everybody else will follow you if they like it.

One more thing is that you select a topic that you are interested in. So, don’t try unknown topics and degrade your blog quality. Write about what you are best in and try to implement some uniqueness in it.

Select any topic you want and go with it. Don’t think that it won’t be noticed as there are many articles on the same topic. If you wrote it well, it ill gets noticed for sure.

Tip 2: Make your blogs simple:

By reading this you may think that what is the connection with this and motivation.

There is a connection with your blog type and motivation. A blogger will find all details related to a topic and write about it.

When a blogger writes, he tries to give maximum knowledge to readers. But this is a wrong concept.

When someone looks for a topic if they see some complicated explanation and write-ups about it, they will skip and look for something simple. It is common human psychology.

We don’t want to spend time to read some complicated things about a topic. We just need a simple explanation that everyone could follow.

So, it better to keep your blogs simple and interesting. Thus, you can attract viewers and promote your blog.

If you want to explain everything related to that topic you can do one thing. Spend some time and write everything from basics to advanced things related to the topic.

Then it will help everyone to understand the topic well and they will follow your blogs. You will also get viewers from beginners to advanced and your blog will grow.

Tip 3: Don’t listen to demotivators

There will be many people to demotivate you. It is better not to listen to them if you want to go forward. You will also face many negative comments if your blog doesn’t work.

Don’t let all of them affect you or your writing because it may make you feel depressed. Take all negative comments into consideration and try to correct them. Implement them to improve your writing.

Your followers expect the best out of you. Connect with people who succeeded in this field and make a good connection with them. They can help you with your dilemma.

You can follow their tips and motivate yourself. Read good motivated articles and spend some time to relax.

You can look for motivating articles and books. There are many writers out there who have got the talent to motivate someone. You can follow them and read their write-ups. If you genuinely follow them, you can see the magic results.

You can take a break if you want and read some good books. Books are great for inspiration. If you love reading, spend some time daily and try to read good books.

You can get some good thoughts from this. Avoid all negative thoughts and try to bring positivity in your daily life.

Tip 4: Don’t focus too much on marketing

As you all know marketing is very important to promote blogs. But too much marketing may affect it badly.

If your blogs are not up to the mark and if you are marketing them then it will not give you any good results. Give priority to your blog quality. Rest everything will automatically come.

If you use social media, then use it to get motivated. Use social media only for promotion. You can use it to communicate with your followers or else just for updates. This is a good practice you can follow to avoid negativity around you.

Also, a blog for your self-satisfaction. Don’t do it only to make money. Many bloggers consider it as an option to make money.

When they go behind it, they have to compromise with their quality. It is better to keep money perspective away and concentrate on your self- satisfaction and the blog standard.

Tip 5: A good business plan is essential

This is a very important tip you can follow to monetize your blog. A good business plan is very useful. You can create a content generation plan, blog monetization plan, marketing plan, and a growth plan.

You need to change each plan frequently. Situations will change, and you need to adapt yourself to changing situations.

You can get help from a business professional to promote your blog. But you need to have an idea of how your future should be. Follow your goals and implement some new ideas to popularize your site.

A starter in this field cannot do all these. But after you get established in this field, you can hire someone to help you with marketing. A team can always create magic better than doing it alone.

Tip 6: A blog routine will help you

You can plan a daily blog routine. Fix a time when you feel fresh for blogging. This will help you to follow it daily.

If you cannot write by sitting in a room, you can try somewhere outside. Take some fresh air and you can try new places every day.

Parks, coffee shops, some silent places are good to give a try. Try different pleasant location that helps you to inspire.

Don’t sit in front of the laptop all the time. Take some break every now and then and you will get fresh ideas by doing this. Don’t heat up your brain by doing the same thing always.

Make a blog calendar and update your blog accordingly. Update everything about your blog on your blog calendar. Communicate with your followers and let them know about all your new updates.

Tip 7: Communicate with your followers

This is a simple thing that you can do every day. Schedule a time when you come online and reply to all comments. There could be positive and negative comments.

Respond to all messages humbly. Thank them for following your blog and ask for their opinions about each topic. When they suggest anything useful, implement it on your next blog.

If they have any doubts related to your topics be ready to answer it. You can use social media sites to do this. If you can communicate with them, you will get new ideas about the topics you need to write about.

Don’t leave any chance to use all possibilities with which you can use to improve your blog quality. Communicating with your followers will make them feel that you are one among them. This will help you create a space in their mind.

Tip 8: Don’t take numbers seriously

For bloggers, numbers are very important. When it comes to mathematical figures related to your blog it is very difficult to reach a good position. If you concentrate on numbers more, you cannot concentrate on your content.

If you cannot get a good number of views this may lead you to depression. So, avoid all those numbers and make good quality contents. You will automatically get more viewers and popularity of your blog will also increase.

If you get good numbers, then you can follow the same tactics for upcoming articles. Don’t let low numbers to affect your confidence. If you really want to improve numbers you can go for marketing ideas like social media campaigns and other promotions.

Analytics figures are just numbers and don’t take them seriously always. Don’t give up your confidence. You can be a better blogger.

Tip 9: Above everything believe in yourself

This is the most important point every blogger should understand. It is easy to get demotivated but difficult to get inspired. Don’t lose your self-confidence. All you have to do is believe in your ability.

If you can create a blog that attracts many people, then you have got that talent. Believe in your talent and follow your dreams. Start dreaming and work well to reach that goal.

Some other useful tips:

  • Don’t give up. You can do it
  • Make an editorial calendar
  • Convey every update to your followers
  • Subscribe blogs that inspire you and follow them regularly.
  • Ignore negative thoughts
  • Spend some time to think about your topics
  • Follow your competitor’s blog to get an idea about their blogging styles. You can get inspiration from them without copying
  • Promote your blogs through various social media platforms. Tell your friends and family to share it with their contacts.
  • You can join in the various blogging community to share your ideas and thoughts.
  • Try to use videos and images also in your content. Sometimes they can create a better impact than words


You cannot get success suddenly. It will take some time. So, patience is very important if you want to get expected success. You need to update yourself and hard work for success. Whenever you start feeling demotivated then you must ask this question yourself

Why am I doing this?

Can I flourish in my profession?

Do I have the talent to inspire others?

If you have answers to all these questions, then you don’t need to try other options. These are the basic questions a blogger should ask themselves when they feel demotivated.

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