How to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills in a Week Easily

With millions of blogs already on the web, and more number of them being developed every day, blog writing requires certain skills.

To stand out of the rest, your blog writing needs to be matchless.

Many bloggers are out there trying to grab reader’s attention; hence as blog writers what tips do you follow to obtain royal readers?

Every blog writer looks forward to writing a blog without any wrong formation of sentence and grammar mistakes. They wanted their readers to appreciate their blog.

Blog Writing Skills

Blog writing isn’t as simple as many people think.

Writers cannot write a blog simply and tag it as “ok”. The success formula for a good blog writer is a correction and continual improvement.

When any part of your blog writing is under a mistake, it is important to correct the fault and enhance it.

For ones who are gearing up for blog writing or wanted to improve as blog writers, can take a look at the following tips to elevate their blog writing skills.

Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills:

1. Blog writing tips:

Blog writing cannot be compared with other writing styles.

When a comparison is made with other articles, a blog post is completely varied in many aspects of a magazine.

The first and foremost rule for writing a blog is perfect spelling and grammar. There are many other aspects beyond this too.

  • When a reader chooses and reads a blog post, it should be more similar to a conversation for him.

Do you know who is a perfect blogger?

He is one who interacts with the readers, shares personal experience and probes questions.

  • The next important aspect to focus on in a blog is making use of short paragraphs and white spaces.

This is because it is tough to read on a screen and hence eyes need a break which is provided with white spaces.

  • To improve information, a good blog also adds media elements.

There would be many blog posts which have infographics, YouTube videos, bulleted lists and simple form of information.

Blog writers cannot produce the same college day essays since it would not involve the audience’s interest.

Hence blog writers need to hold on to core basics and leave out traditional habits.

2. Read, understand and evade plagiarism:

Good writing requires a lot of reading.

You can hunt for many other blogs belonging to the same niche and pen down a few points.

When you read across many blogs, post some questions for yourself. Write the answer to the same later.

  • Ask yourself the most loved aspect of the blog.
  • Question your immediate impression.
  • Improvement aspects, if the blog was yours.
  • Investigate the author’s voice type in the blog

After visiting a number of blogs, you would have got a better idea to draft your own blog with these above-mentioned questions.

As a blog writer, you can also think of ideas, which would set you to stand out as the best, certain aspects which would assist you to reach the objective audience.

3. Concentrate on readers satisfaction:

As a blog writer, your first thought should be,

  • What you’re giving your reader?
  • What gain your readers get?

Every blogger should have few objectives in mind as they write a blog.

  • They should solve an issue
  • They should answer any issue
  • They should be teaching any skill
  • Collect feedback
  • Motivate the reader
  • Be in a friendly manner
  • Write understandable and easy blogs
  • Be positive and engaging
  • Make the readers smile, and enhance their confidence.

To make your blog a stellar one, the blogger should focus on the reader’s satisfaction and contribute something as mentioned above.

4. Make your blog simple:

Bloggers can be lured by niche specific jargon and terms.

The bloggers usually have a mindset where they think, they should make use of complex terms so as to present them as knowledgeable writers and they also wanted to sound professional.

But this can be concluded in the wrong way and is not the best way to serve your audience.

Blogs are also meant for a lay person and hence should be written in a simple and understandable manner.

5. Do your homework before writing:

Though pre-writing can be an additional step in your writing process, the truth is that writers are more organized and routine in their writing.

The best way to obtain ideas out of your mind in front of you is by making use of mind maps.

The main concept or objective can be the place of start. Also, narrow down into domains and subdomains which hold ideas.

After ideas are mapped, they can be put down in a cohesive form and drafted.

6. Practical and beguiling titles:

Your blog’s most key part is the title and it needs to focus on two aspects.

It has to mention about the post and should also be appealing to grasp readers and click on the blog.

Hence good blog posts should choose the best titles. Few best titles are given as examples. “Top 6 conditioners for hair shining”, “wall paper or paint the pros and cons”, “Are bit coins profitable, my experience and review”.

Such titles would grab the reader’s eye and they click without thinking.

7. Write directly and less:

Blog writers should bear in mind that they do need to add some personal experience but less.

Personal ideas when included should be associated with the topic and stay pleasant, comical by stick to the point.

8. Link good photos:

The writer must definitely attach the photo with their post though it may be a single one.

Visual appeal is loved by readers and hence they grab the attention too. Also, photos would portray your idea or thought.

This would elevate the thought of the reader and is likely to be shared. It is always suggested to make use of good photos and a reduced amount of words.

Incase, writers are writing any guide or tutorial it would be great if they add photos for each step.

Writers can pick photos from stock or use their own photo. There are ample sources which offer photos legally. A good photo would be great and grab in more traffic.

9. Detach filler:

It is a bad idea to write long blogs just for the sake of word count.

When you have a topic which is to be explained in 200 words stick to that and you can include some aspects which are relevant too.

Many writers commit a big mistake by adding too many fillers in their blogs. The focus is lost by many readers when they see fillers in your post and they lose interest too.

Hence writing required information is good and evade from adding fillers.

10. Go in with the right tone:

When the tone of your blog moves wrong then not many readers would be pleased.

Hence the right tone in which many readers would be linked should be found out. The blog should be interesting, professional and friendly too.

Many writers mention that human, warm and friendly articles are the ones which readers prefer.

Readers do not turn their interest towards robotic, cold and professional ones.

11. Be a regular writer:

In order to enhance your blog writing skills, the writer should practice being a regular writer.

It isn’t necessary for the writer to post everything and think too deep.

Being a practice session, the writer can pick any topic and frame small texts based on the topic.

By following this habit, the writer can be capable to write anything that comes to his mind and also make things easier.

12. Concentrate on grammar:

When blogs are considered, grammar is highly important. Blogs which possess bad grammar would surely lose their readers.

It is hence mandatory for writers to concentrate on grammar and they can correct themselves easily.

There are many apps available which help you find mistakes in your blog and provide ways to rectify them too.

Work on your vocabulary and have your own flair, make use of fascinating and less familiar words.

13. Proof reading:

Proof reading is an important step before posting any blog or article.

By proof reading the small errors and mistakes which happens during writing can be rectified.

Since proofreading does not eat much of your time, you can always follow the proofreading. It is true that readers would not be interested to read a blog full of mistakes and errors. Hence do proof read always.

14. Research well:

Your reputation as a writer would be undermined if you fail to make a thorough research on any topic provided.

Sometimes writers also get into issues; hence good research is a major part of being a writer.

15. Mark deadlines for yourself:

It is true that creative juice flows when writers are given strict deadlines. With deadlines writers force themselves and also enhance their creativity.

Also, remember writers should never give themselves neither easy nor unrealistic deadlines.

Varied timelines can be experimented with and writers can point out the aspect which motivates them to finish their work.

16. Be a good reader:

It is a true fact that good readers are also good writers.

As the writer reads more, they gain more thoughts and insight which in turn provides them with techniques to write in an exceptional way.

Hence, writers should concentrate on their beloved writers, their books, look out for their sentence formation, structures, flow as well as word choices.

Apart from books and blogs, you can also run through the newspaper. The more diverse your reading is, the more enhanced your writing would be.

17. Write what’s in your mind:

The contents found these days are boring and bland.

The main reason for this is that, many writers replica the blog which other writers write without adding something new to it.

Writers usually do not want to get themselves into libel laws, but they can open up their mind.

When you have found out your voice, then there is nothing to shy about opening out your ideas. When your own ideas are put forward, it would be a remarkable reading.

18. Avoid distraction:

Let me mention a true fact, the human brain takes atleast 15 minutes to refocus on their task after any distraction.

Hence losing concentration at the mid of writing can be harmful to the quality of the content. So for writers who desire to develop quality contents should evade distractions.

Few tips to avoid distractions are to turn off notification in a computer, switch off mobiles and block other factors which disturb you.

You will be accomplished more as a writer and also your quality would be enhanced.

19. Join workshops:

There are ample meet-ups regarding content marketing, also professional development groups are predominant these days.

LinkedIn has many content marketing groups which you can join. By this way, you can gain a chance to meet writers on the same wavelength.

Also, writers can browse and find out writing workshops. They just have to choose a topic, write and receive feedback. By this way, they can improve their writing skills.

20. Get a writing partner:

Though writing may be a solitary work, you can find a writing partner in your niche.

This is because only a perfect writer knows the value of feedback which can be obtained from your partner.

Your partners can be requested to cast their eye on your writing and they may help you spot any mistakes.

Hence it is good to find a good partner which would make you feel confident and keep going.


Writers can hence follow these tips and enhance their blog writing skills.

Writers can also hunt the sites and get to know more tips. If all these suggestions are followed, then blog writing would be your passion and you can make outstanding blogs forever.

To gain more followers, blog writing should be unique and perfect. Every tip has an advantage in it which would be reflected in the writing. Hence writers are to research more before writing and bring out their real talent without fear.

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