How to Be a Good Blog Writer? 21 Things to Practice

Writing is an art. Some people have it by birth while some have to build it oneself. In fact, the people who are born writers even they have to polish themselves in writing, but only the difference that comes is less effort is required than those who are not born writers.

Good writing requires good writing skills, vocabulary and also knowledge on the topic one has to write. Proper research is needed before writing for any topic.

The topic needs pre-research until you don’t have proper knowledge of it beforehand. In order to become a quality blogger, one has to keep the following points in mind:

Become Better Blog Writer

Tips for Becoming a Quality Blog Writer:

Know the topic first:

This means the topic you are given should be thoroughly known to you. Understanding the topic is the first and foremost requirement. Read the topic carefully and understand it fully. Then move to the second step.

Whether you are writing for a magazine, newspaper or blog, the criteria for writing remains the same. Only a little difference lies in the pattern and style of writing.

Know whom are you writing for i.e. your audience:

Knowing the one who is your writing forgives an added advantage. Knowing who is you going to target will help you write the content for the blog in a smooth and a clear cut manner. The audience for the blogs is most probably the well-known writers or bloggers.

The bloggers or the writers only prefer to read the best material, but if your writing is impressive then you can also get noticed. The writing for blog demands attractive style of writing and that too with little innovation. Only then you will be able to earn your audience attention.

Be an avid reader:

Make reading books, magazines, articles, and other blogs as your daily habit. Reading will not only enhance your knowledge but will also give you an idea of different writing styles. It will improve writing skills and will make you aware of all the recent and the burning issues.

Read more and get more should be your motto. The more you read better you will be able to write. Reading enlightens you and gives you the trace of writing style also. Vocabulary gets hype and that eventually helps in getting more traffic towards your blog.

Try and write something new:

Reading and doing research before writing is too good, but make sure not to copy paste any of the points. Reading and researching on the topic is just to get any idea, gist and to have an overview, but while you start with your blog, make sure none of the content is copied.

Write with novelty and innovation. While writing, be simple, clear and short. The topic should have an attractive start along with vital and read worthy information within it. It should be written in such a way that a person feels fresh while reading because if the material is traced, then it may bring monotony and is likely to lose your target audience.

Deliver valuable information:

Initially writing for blogs may take time, but it is advisable to extend the days for writing a single blog even if it takes time. Knowing the fact there are many prolific writers who continue to entertain us with their engrossing writing and you are not among them does not mean you will never be. Just practicing writing on a daily basis is surely going to carve a niche if not today but certainly someday.

Practice writing on a daily basis:

Practice makes a man perfect and habit of practicing cannot be injected in us within a day. It takes time as well as effort. Daily writing either for fifteen minutes will show you the results of improvement in your writing.

It is also not correct to binge on writing every weekend for long-haul hours. Instead of continuously sitting for long hours once a week, you should go for a regular half hour writing.

Make sure that the content on your blog is anti-terror:

Errors are likely to happen when you decide to give your work a scratch, but with practice, it will reduce as well. After completing the blog, let it sit for a minute and then check it thoroughly so that it does not contain errors, be it grammatical, sentence formation or spelling error.

The error-free material will be given more appreciation than an article full of errors. Errors are the utmost enemies of any work done, in writing or even in any other artwork. So, prevent those and you will see growth in your work.

Read, think and then write:

First, read and gather the material for writing, then think i.e. makes a blueprint of the points you wish to mention and elaborate while writing. Then start writing. By this way you will be able to write quickly as reading helps in getting different ideas and also the brain will be equipped with various ideas and information to write. This is the exact and accurate method to write a quality blog.

Do not limit yourself to a one-dimensional reader:

Yes! Do not restrict yourself to one kind of reading topics, articles and blogs because those stipulated materials will only restrict your mind to think beyond the present. While writing for a blog one has to keep one thing in mind, i.e. write differently from others. Write apart from what others have already written.

Only writing somewhat different will give you an advantage over other bloggers, also will increase the trafficking for your blog. So make up a mind to read as much different material as you can and do not restrict yourself to a single dimensional reader. This is also one of the vital tips to write a quality blog.

The style of your writing speaks: Build a unique style:

Unique style does not mean writing in an inverted pyramid form. Unique style means to make use of the words in a different way and write something that differs you from the rest of the crowd. Make your writing, especially the heading eye-catching and attractive so that the other bloggers get their eyeballs stick to what have you written.

Make your content engrossing enough that the reader does not have to stop in between saying the content to be repetitive and boring. Make sure the eyes of reader further craves to read head, thus adding to his curiosity to read more. This can only be done by having a unique style to your writing.           

Develop an expert reputation:

Developing an expert reputation will help increase the traffic to the blog you create. This will slowly and steadily build your reputation amongst other bloggers. Also, be regular in blogging. Regularity does not mean every day, but at least on the alternate days, you need to write the blog so that your name is not washed away due to lack of presence on the websites. Be certain to maintain your name as one of the regular bloggers in the eyes of others else your past efforts of writing will prove futile.

Support linking:

Once you are done with our topic, start linking it with the other post that supports your topic both within the blog as well as externally. Linking will get noticed and also encourages other blogs to link to you. So support the linking of blogs you write.

Optimize the content:

Making use of the keywords effectively will help make your content more relevant to your target while assisting the search engines index your content. Take advantage of the post around one keyword, which should be the main focus of your post.

The reader may type the keyword in search engines to get the concerned content and this could be done only when you make optimal use of the keywords in the blog you create.

Clear call to action:

One of the ultimate reasons you have written your blog post is to attract customers and clients, now that you have done, take advantage of it. At the end of every blog post, make a provision of a clear call to action. The blog post you write not only gives information but speaks to them of the issues and your ideas on the whole.

Eye catchy title and subtitles:

The matter you write is given a second attention whilst the headings and the subheadings are given the primary attention. Make sure your title is short, crisp and says all that you have detailed in the content.

If your title and subtitles will be confusing and ambiguous, the readers might turn a blind eye towards it, so your titles, headings, subtitles or subheadings must be in the context of the matter inside the blog post.

Share, share, and share:

Let your article travel thousands of readers and this will happen only if you will share your thing among your friends and get their feedback. Getting a feedback will let you know whether your thoughts go along with the others, or do your thoughts affect the readers or no. Also, one comes to know about the faults and you are able to correct them. Thus making a clear path for you to reach a maximum number of people.

Go through your article again and again to know minor mistakes:

Having completed with your article does not mean you will submit it instantly; instead, you need to read it again and again so as to know all the little mistakes that may plague your article. So, remember, proofreading is a must.

Don’t stick to one style, bring innovation:

Do not always follow a single style of writing, try with new ones also i.e. sometimes write small posts, pillar posts, medium or roundups and so on. By doing this, your readers will get the variety and even you will not get bored of writing on a daily basis. So to avoid monotony, just bring innovative ideas down from your mind to your writings.

No, passive voice in the article:

Use only active voice in your sentences. Active voice is easy to understand as the readers usually do not possess high vocabulary, so set your mind according to the readers point of view and write as simple and less complicated as you can.

Be serious while you write:

While writing, do not be non-serious. Just concentrate on what you are writing seriously as it will give your article an emotion and will depict the depth of thinking you possess. Whatever you write, the way you write highly and directly influences your readers and is likely to change their thinking regarding the same topic. So, think about your readers and then write what you wish to.

Insert images:

Only providing readers the content is not enough, you should add images to your blog post and make a special image gallery for your readers. This will attract more readers and will enhance the traffic. It will also boost the interest of readers in reading your article and can even turn the non-readers into avid readers only because of the images as images bring additional to the content and make more fascinating.

Above are some of the essential tips which should not be given a farewell before writing the blog. Whether you are a starter or have a little experience, the above points are necessary to keep in mind before starting the work. Writing is such an art which can help you to express your anger without being violent, showcase love without getting in touch, details the vital information without any extra effort.

So, go start writing and move on with the blogs first. Writing blogs initially would surely take time, you may take two to three hours or even more, but with the practice and by being a regular blogger, you will learn the art of writing with accuracy. Also, be strong and rigid enough to endure the criticism that comes your way.

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