What is the Purpose of a Blog? Advantages & Disadvantages

When you search for a topic or use specific keywords on Google, you are shown a number of results in a listed format.

Around 70% of the topics that you search for are written by blog writers who spend more time in explaining the problems and providing solutions.

It makes you feel connected with it as if it was written for you!

What is the Purpose of a Blog?

Purpose of a Blog

There are many reasons for creating a blog or blogging. Blogs are written for a person to express their opinions or views about the subject.

It could range from writing as a hobby to products for the company. Here are some of the commonly seen purposes.

1. As a hobby:

There are people who are passionate about writing and for them, it is considered as a hobby.

They prefer to write about topics that interest them and want to share their experiences or their thoughts about it.

2. To generate income:

Some people who are experts in communication tend to pursue their passion even while taking their 9 to 5 job.

It helps them to sharpen their thinking skills as well as earn extra bucks to pay their bills. It is mostly an alternate source of income.

3. As a full-time job:

For those who are not happy to work at the site, they are serious about pursuing this as a profession and consider it as a full-time job. Such people pursue as a profession as they are compassionate about writing their niche and earn well too!

They earn through affiliating with advertisements, guest blogs, and affiliate marketing.

4. To sell products/services:

If a person is well versed in writing about products details or about the services, then they are hired as product bloggers.

It is considered as the best and cheapest way to sell products online with a proper description of the products or service. The main aim is to create awareness through appropriate search keywords.

5. To enhance presence:

By writing about a particular subject related to a topic, the writer can connect with fellow bloggers and enhance their presence. Such connections build relations that flowers as friendships.

Moreover, it also connects like-minded people together!

6. To build an online presence:

As internet users are increasing, bloggers also build their kingdom by creating an online presence of specific type through websites, YouTube channels.

This has expanded to the level of creating brand awareness whether personal or blog.

7. To share expertise:

As the person writes about the topic of interest, they mostly share their knowledge and their experiences about it. It also showcases their expertise in that topic.

8. As a trend:

In the age of internet and social media, knowledge or experience is shared by such writers. The people consider it as a trend to write their experiences and let the world know about it and at the same time earn.

9. To satisfy oneself:

Writing for passion and earning is one part of someone’s life. But it gives a sense of satisfaction as knowledge is being shared and enhances the thinking style as well as trigger the creativity in a person.

This ‘feeling good’ inspires you to work for the betterment of others and makes one feel a sense of achievement.

10. To provide information:

There are professional blog writers who intend to provide information through online media that reaches within a short span of time.

11. To become a writer:

If a person wants to become famous as a writer, they choose this media as they become well known at least in the local community even if not nationwide.

As the person can enhance their presence in the web, their name gets noticed after a period of time.

What are the Advantages of Blogging?

The publishing of contents has changed with the advent of the internet wherein self-marketing declares one to be a writer without the need for an expert to declare.

But blog writing has its own benefits, some of which are mentioned.

1. Enhances writing skills:

By writing frequently, the art of writing gets improved making you a better writer. With each day you tend to make improvements in the style of writing as you would be reading others blogs and also writing on guest blogs.

Your vocabulary and grammar skills get improved in due course of time. Errors are likely to be reduced.

2. Become a keen reader:

For writing better, you would automatically be pushed to read other blogs and articles to know the way contents are displayed.

The more you read, the more you tend to absorb the language. Writing involves reading and understanding information before putting it down.

Moreover, by reading whenever possible you tend to learn more.

3. Work anywhere:

There is no requirement of office floor space and specified 10 to 5 timings.

You are your own boss wherein you can work from home and work at your own pace. There is no hassle of working under anyone.

Blog writers are mostly happy to work from their home as they can manage their other personal chores.

4. Makes you visible:

By this term, it means that your views when exposed would become part of online information which gets spread through social media.

By the click of the keyword, Google search leads to your article and thus brings visibility as searching the library has become outdated.

5. Gives you status:

Writing on a topic that provides solutions would transform you to a professional or an expert where people would tend to seek advice.

So keep up your passion and get that expert status. You would be surprised to see where you stand!

6. Recognized globally:

As you tend to search for necessary information related to the topic you conduct research to put down the right content.

This is advantageous as you would be recognized among experts or bloggers globally who provide value to readers. You have the opportunity of being globally recognized without a stage.

7. Improves memory:

As writing requires one to read, it provides stimulation to the mind keeping you active about the topics that you write about.

This stimulation exercises your brain and helps you to improve your memory.

8. Get more connections:

As blog writing involves sharing contents with others, it helps you to get connected.

Besides, when there are comments to your blog, it means that there are people appreciating your writing and you have new connections.

9. Out of box thinking:

It is proven that writing enhances your reading skills as well. With that when you write you would notice that your brain would help you to think out of box unconsciously indicating that your thinking process is free.

10. Sharpen your focus:

As writing on blogs is exposed to global readers, there is sure to be negative or positive feedback.

The feedback from others globally, in turn, motivates you to sharpen your thinking and focus on the niche.

In other words, you become more focused on your thoughts and become an expert in delivering them.

What are the Disadvantages of Blogging?

Reading through the above content you might opt for being a blogger as you can be free to work at your own pace and be your own boss. Isn’t it wonderful?

But let’s see the other side of blogging too.

1. Being alone:

If you are a full-time blogger, you would be huddled up in your couch working alone to keep up to the trend.

Until you have a network of friends, you tend to be a loner most of the time. Also, you don’t get enough time to balance your life with family.

2. Work stops if ill:

As you have to work alone, in case you fall ill, there is no one to write except you.

Unless you have an associate or network who writes as per your thought waves, it would be difficult to manage.

3. Financial crunch:

In case your blogging is not generating enough cash to help you survive, you depend on others to support for bills.

In such a situation, you would be needing the support of other part-time jobs to help in settling those bills.

4. Cause health issue:

As writing contents require researching on the internet for a long time, the writer has to spend long hours in front of screens.

This jeopardizes health as he/she does not spend time on exercise.

5. No diversion:

In case writer of full-time blogger, then their 95% of the day is spent on thinking only about the blog contents and what to do next.

They tend to forget what their personal activity that needs attention.

6. Reduced socializing:

By not being an actual office environment, the person does not get the opportunity to socialize with others and share.

Though knowledge is shared in writing, as a person, he/she tends to seclude themselves away from social life.

7. Breaks discipline:

As there are no strict timings to go to an office or have timelines or schedules, a blogger can work at any time of the day.

This breaks their discipline about their work and it tends to cause disruption in their life too. Too much freedom spoil their life.

8. Tend to forget:

By reading through stuff on the internet, your focus would be on getting to write about the niche. Through prolonged exposure, your mind forgets small details which our eyes miss out.

You might have noticed that you would be too much carried away with this work that you forgot your friend’s birthday unless you have a reminder set up!

9. Getting impatient:

When a blogger starts writing, it is their perception that they would be generating more income from the first day. Its common misconception that causes impatience and frustration.

Anyone to reach the pinnacle of success has to be patient to see it. But most of the bloggers quit in between spoiling their chances.

10. Reduce your eyesight:

If you as a blogger don’t take care to take breaks and exercise, you are sure to spoil your health.

Also, prolonged sitting in front of the screen would jeopardize your eye vision and causes sore eyes. It might also lead to headaches if not sitting in a properly lit room.

Blogging is a path for expressing oneself and leads to self-realization if the writer chooses to pursue what is the purpose he is writing for.

The writer should be focused on it such that it reverberates with his inner soul. Besides, the blogger has the opportunity to get connected with like-minded persons through this age of multimedia technology breaking down barriers.

It has the capacity to make changes if the blogger participates actively and you would be amazed to see its implications. But if properly addressed, disadvantages can be avoided by bringing reality to your life.

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