How to Come Up With a Good Blog Name

Blogging is the best way to express your feelings. Nowadays everybody started writing blogs.

To get noticed among those blogs is a difficult task. A catchy blog title will help you to get noticed among other blogs. People should feel a curiosity when they see your blog name.

As you all know blogging is not an easy task. There are many criteria you have to follow to attract readers.

Now, Are you planning to start a blog?

Good Blog Name

Then there are some tips for you while choosing a blog name. Your blog’s name should be unique and related to contents. You have to make a first impression by choosing a good blog name.

Deciding a blog name is an important step while starting a blog. You have to think a name that is easy to remember, catchy and related to your topic.

Most important aspects while blogging is choosing your niche and name. You have to spend the maximum time to decide both of them

How to Choose a Blog Name?

A memorable blog should have the following characteristics:

Choose an easy name:

There are many examples of sites that changed its old name to a new one. The old name was complicated so they changed it to make easy.

Examples are The Facebook to Facebook and The Mint to Mint.

The name should be memorable:

If you chose a good title but if it is complicated then it won’t click.

Try to give the name in one word:

Using 2 to 3 words are ideal. Don’t go for more words

The name should be short and simple:

It is better to keep the domain name short and crisp

The name should be different from other blog names:

Don’t copy the name from other blogs. The name should be unique without any copyright issues.

First, you have to think about why you are writing this blog?

If you got an answer then the next step is to choose a proper name. Check out some guidelines before choosing a blog name. Follow them and you will end up with an excellent blog name for sure.

The name should be related to your topic:

Have you already decided what you are going to write about?

If yes, then write down all words related to your topic. For example, if you are writing a blog about fashion then write down all words related to fashion. It could be anything related to fashion.

Now look at those words and just read all of them again and again. Avoid the unwanted names from the list. The unwanted name means the name that won’t suit your blog. After thinking about all the possibilities, you will reach a final solution. That’s where you find a proper name.

Also, the name should speak for content. By reading the blog name reader should understand about your blog contents.

You can list down all possible topics of your blog. Think about what you are going to promote through your blog and what are the services you offer. Find a proper name by arranging keywords in an orderly manner.

Check for a synonym:

What to do with synonyms?

You can explore Thesaurus to know more definitions and synonyms. It is a better option than checking synonyms from any other sources. Thesaurus gives you maximum possibilities.

So, are you ready to explore this gold mine of words?

You can check this to find a suitable replacement for the word you chose. It should be easy to read and simple. Also, don’t forget to pick a word that is relevant to your topic. Google keywords search is also good to get synonyms.

Always visualize your blog as a brand. You can find a perfect brand name by using some creativity and synonyms. Most common brand name examples are Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.

You can do it by mixing and truncating two separate words like Groupon and Pinterest.

Use misspell technique like Tumblr, Flickr.

Try combining two words like YouTube, Facebook

Mix Prefixes and suffixes to form a new word like Spotify, Napster

Try to be exceptional:

It is important to give a unique name. You have to make it clear what your blog is about.

Examples of some unique blog names are The Pioneer Woman, Dooce, The Man Repeller, Labnol, Pinch of Yum, SmartPassiveIncome, etc. By reading these blog names you will get an idea about the contents of the blog.

They are established, bloggers. From the blog name, readers can create a visual of the blog content. Also, these names are easy to remember too.

Keywords play an important role while choosing a blog name. Even if your articles are of high quality without keyword sit won’t appear in search result. Be creative and combine keywords with other words and make your domain name unique.

Check competitor’s blog:

Now a question may arise in your mind. Why should I check other blog names?

Is it like copying others?

Actually, don’t copy their names. By checking them you will get more ideas about current naming trends. From their blogs, you will get an idea about what works and what won’t.

You can make a list of successful and unsuccessful blogs. Then compare their titles.

Research it to find what is the common factor in those successful blogs. Add those successful elements into your blog name.

You can ask others for opinions. Ask them feedback about your name. A word has a different meaning in different parts. So, it is better to ask others to avoid future embracing situations.

Target your prospective audience:

Before starting blogging you should target a particular group of audience. It could be men, women, kids, youth, old anybody. You are going to write blogs that entertain your prospective audience. So, it is important to name it to attract that particular group.

For example, if you target youth then choose a name that attracts them. Style-minded, lazy obsession etc.

It helps to attract that particular age group. It is better to decide the tone of your writing. Writing tone?

Surprised, it is the way you talk. You have to decide whether to write in a formal or informal tone. Choose a title based on your tone.

Use blog name generator online tools:

There are tools to help you generate blog names.

Are you familiar with those tools?

Tools like NameMesh, wordoid, namestation etc are some popular tools. It is easy to use these tools. They randomly generate blog names when you enter your niche.

That is if you enter a keyword related to your niche like fashion, photography, travel etc, it will generate names related to that.

Sometimes, it won’t fit as your blog name but you will get some new ideas from it. So why don’t you try some popular name generator tools if it helps to freshen up your imagination?

Domain name availability:

Are you going to use this blog name longer?

If yes then don’t go for domain names like” .blogpost”. It is better to buy your own domain from any of the cheap sites.

There are many free domains with which you can create your domain. Do thorough research on this topic and search all available domain.

Pick a unique domain name. There is only one website for every domain name. So, whatever your brand type is to choose an exclusive domain name. is a site where you can check the same. Name mesh is also a popular tool to check domain availability.

It tells you whether that particular domain is available or not. In addition to that this tool gives you suggestion about all available option similar to your name.

Most domain names end in .com.

You can get a domain from NameCheap which is one of the most affordable sites. Make sure your domain name is similar to any existing blog name.

It leads to confusion. You can check it by typing your name on Google. It shows if anyone uses similar names. Stay away from those names because it may cause legal issues.

But .com is the most popular and oldest sometimes they are unavailable. Now you can choose any domain because the extension has become less popular nowadays.

A search engine doesn’t give priority to older domain extension. So most people chooses extensions ends in .io, .blog or .me. If you cannot find one that ends in .com you can go for all other options.

You can use your name

Have you got any unique name?

If no, then why don’t you use your own name. It is not a bad thing to use the blogger’s name to his/her blogs. All your blogs will be known by your name. It helps users to easily identify you and your blogs. It can later develop into some popular blog.

You can use your full name for your blog. There are popular sites which are named after the blogger. It helps you to write blogs about different topics. So, you don’t have to stick to a single niche related to your blog name.

Choose a name that has a long life

When you choose a blog name, choose one that lasts long.

You are not doing it temporarily. So, it is better to select a name that you can use in the future too. So, any recent trendy name won’t be suitable. In the future, if you want to change its name, it is possible. You can rebrand your blog with a new name.

Online world changes quickly. So, nothing is constant. Changing domain name will cost you a lot of money and time. So please keep it in mind while choosing a name.

Great examples are there where changing name effected badly on site. Yahoo is the best example. They changed their name to Altaba and Snap chat to Snap.

Try a different word combination:

Suppose you got an excellent blog name. But when you checked it on Google somebody else used it already. Then you will be upset for sure. You want to use the exact same words for your blog.

How is that possible? It is possible.

There are tools where you can play with word by keeping the original word as a base. Those tools will give you nearly close idea links to that base word. It uses suffix, prefix, phonemes methods to change the original one.

Try to give some humor element:

If you are not writing some serious stuff then add some fun into your blog name. That’s a better way to attract users. A great example is a site Rotten Tomatoes. They write reviews about TV shows, movies etc.

From the name itself, users get an idea of what that blog is about. These names might not actually relate to your content. But for a funny blog, satirical title suits best.

Some more tips for choosing a blog name:

  1. Finding a catchy name is difficult. But will help you
  2. Find a word which has multiple expansions.
  3. There should not be many hyphens or commas. Because it may go to scammed site list.
  4. Names with numbers are memorable but its harder to pull off.
  5. Brandable and should be relevant to your subject
  6. The name should be easy to say. By choosing an easy name, you will get a lot of followers.
  7. Avoid using double letters in your blog name. You will lose traffic from typo errors

Have you got an idea about choosing a blog name?

Take your own time and find a suitable name. Most importantly it is your blog. So, you can decide what name you want to give it. You can ask your friends for name suggestions or check other successful blogs for inspiration. Keep those points in mind and explore your imagination.

Most importantly there are not any written rules for choosing a name. Even if you cannot find a perfect name for your blog then don’t worry. Quality is the most important thing not name. You can choose some unique topics to write about, research well and give your visitors something they can’t get anywhere else. If they like it they will come back irrespective of your name.

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