Bing SEO: How to Optimize Your Website for Bing

Bing is a web-based search engine which is operated and owned by Microsoft.

Bing provides various services like searching for services, images, maps, and videos. The web search engine is made using ASP.NET.

In today’s modern world every company understands the need for SEO. The professional services of search engine optimization are meant to increase the traffic and ranking of the sites and help you face your competitors.

As per the SEO experts, the services help the business to reach out to the target audience and reach higher positions in the search engines.

The experts make sure that the sites have something unique which help them attract their target customers. They use the latest analytical devices and services which gives better search engine optimization to the sites.

There are many SEO companies which are offering their services in their market and hence one should choose these services with great care. It is important to select the companies which provide the best ranking to your websites.

At present Google is ahead in SEO conversation for most of the businesses.

It is supposed the champion of search engines. But the studies have proven that to have a solid SEO strategy, one should rely on Bing SEO.

How is Bing SEO Different than Google SEO:

Here are some of the facts:

1. Market share:

When we look at the market share, you will see that Yahoo and Bing dominate more than 30%.
Bing and Yahoo at the moment process more than 80% of the searches – these searches are related to automotive, education and telecommunications.

2. Traffic coverts:

The studies have also proved that Bing converts traffic faster as compared to Google. The main reason is the usage of keywords. This is one of the major advantages that Bing has.

In the case of Google, it creates comprehensive pages using the keywords. But the major focus remains on topical relevance rather than matching the keywords.

It is not the same case with Bing they use the keywords in a straightforward manner – they ensure that it exactly matches the terms and requirements you are targeting.

3. Meta keywords:

Here again, Google is not a ranking signal for Meta keywords; whereas for Bing, these Meta keywords have a massive impact while searching online.

The Meta Keywords in search increase the ranking of the sites which are searched using Bing.

Let us understand some top Bing ranking factors

Bing SEO & Ranking Factors:

1. It is important to engage users:

One of the most strong point is user involvement. This will increase the ranking of the site in Bing. Bing measures this through a term known as pogo sticking – this is checked when someone is performing a search or clicking on a particular website.

2. Bing measures rates through clicks which are obtained from the search pages

This data all combined is used to understand user engagement. This helps Bing in providing better results while using the search engine.

This essentially means that when the keywords are to be planned, it is necessary to keep the humans in mind.

Bing focuses on the keywords which are more used by a normal human during their searches in the search engine.

3. Inbound anchor text is very vital:

Bing focuses on the usage of anchor text more than what Google does. So in case you need to compare the ranking, it is important that Blue Widgets are used for anchor text.

However, there is a risk of optimization of the anchor text which can trip the Google penguin filter. Hence the trick is to ensure that the links coming in Bing from various high authority sites focus on the right anchor text rather than using a mix of other anchor text.

The present market has become very competitive, and it is survival of the fittest. It has become very vital that they use the internet and various other online methods to promote their business.

Among these, the SEO method is supposed to be the best. To get the best results from the SEO it is important that it is optimized. There are various tools which are used in the search engine optimization – let us check out some of them –

Bing SEO Optimization Guide:

1. Submitting to sitemaps and search engine submission:

The sitemap is that page which facilitates the search engine to navigate through the website of the company.

It is always advisable that the search engines navigate the site. The company should make sure to submit the sitemaps to the key search engines for better results.

2. Meta titles and description in SEO:

This tool explains what is present on the website. It describes what details are present on a particular website. This helps the site to find the appropriate keywords required for the sites.

When a user searches for a specific keyword, then the site describes the Meta title and a Meta description. This is very important as this title and description is the first contact of the consumer with the company.

3. Link building:

Link building is one of the essential tools to understand what SEO is. The link building gives two advantages – one, it increases the traffic to your website and secondly, the increase in search proves the website is very high in demand, and hence the sites are ranked higher.

The company can also list its links to the website in the various professional directories.

4. Website performance:

The performance of the website should be at high-speed, and the users should be able to navigate easily. In case the site is not performing up to the mark then the search engines can penalize the company.

5. Redirections in the webpage:

If the user is navigating the site, and the page they search says “page not found’, then as per the rules of Search Engine Optimization; the company can be penalized for the same.

Hence it is mandatory that the company hosting the site should apply for the 301 redirecting websites so that the user can get the required information from other sites.

They should comply with the Bing Webmaster Tools for Crawl errors and redirections.

6. Duplication of the content:

The companies hosting the site should take care not to copy or pick any information from other websites since this is a breach of conduct as per the rules of SEO. These types of problems were found off late.

7. On Page optimizations include:

  • The analysis of the website
  • Research on the keywords
  • The website design would be SEO user-friendly
  • Creating of Meta tags and optimizing anchor tags
  • The heading optimization can be done through H1 and H2 tags
  • The content is optimized using keyword density and proximity
  • Creation of SEO friendly URL
  • Optimizing image and SEO copywriting

8. Off Page optimizations include:

  • The link building is done on the website
  • Submission of directory
  • Posting of blogs
  • Submission of articles
  • Submitting press releases
  • Commenting on the blogs
  • Reviewing of forum activities
  • Submitting classified and RSS Feed
  • Submitting to the local business directories
  • Optimization of videos
  • Submitting the details to Google, Yahoo and Bing maps
  • Finally to submit the details to the search engine.

9. Age and type of website:

When we search on Google, you will notice that it gives preference to the new and most popular websites. At the same time, Bing focuses on the age of the domain.

One of the entrepreneurs who has been using Bing informs that those businesses that are just beginning should go for Bing. This will ensure that the site is ranked on the higher end.

Bing not only focuses on the domain but it also prefers domains which are official E.g., .edu or .gov. Bing provides factual information as compared to Google.

10. Indexing:

Bing has been very clear that indexing is the first step to develop the traffic to the site.

To do this, one needs to submit the site to Bing. In case you want to take more benefit of Bing SEO then ensure that you sign in the Bing Webmaster tools.

Once you have logged in the tools – you will have to provide the details of your site – this will make it easier for Bing to index your site.

If you are not able to index your site on Bing then there can be problems like – your site is not able to crawl, incorrectly set robots.txt file, blocked URLs.

11. Technical requirements:

Bing SEO focuses on major six technical points for optimization. The first point is the time of loading the page. One should remember that faster the better is the motto of Bing. Hence the page loading is very fast as compared to other search engines.

Next is the Robots.txt – this is the one that controls the Bing bots which are used to search the sites. Bing ensures that proper reviewing of the sites does not block it.

A sitemap is another major aspect that Bing takes care of. It keeps in mind all the important URLs by keeping it updated and clean.

It removes all the additional clutter of URLs. When it comes to site technology, then Bing uses a method called down level experience which includes the links which are used in the rich version.

In case one wants to move from one content to the other then 301 is used as a permanent redirection tool.

There all chances that multiple URLs would contain same content – in such situation the canonical tags will help to filter out the content and provide you the original content in case of Bing.

12. Backlinks:

This is another most important factor for optimizing of Bing. It is very vital to have backlinks for any search engine. But in case of Bing, they are the heart of this search engine.

There have been various studies which have been conducted, and it has been asserted that more than 52-53% of the sites which had backlinks ranked high on Bing.

In the case of Google, it was just 10%. Having backlinks is supposed to be the most relevant factor in the case of Bing. In a nutshell, using the backlinks will increase the traffic and ranking of your site when you are using Bing.

13. Content is supposed to be the king:

This is not a surprising fact – it is very well-known that content has to be good if you wish to promote your sites. Both Google and Bing SEO focus on quality content.

In the case of Bing, they have very clearly stated that they look out for clear, transparent, easy and quick to find content. The content should be such that it is simple and at the same time provides all the information required to the reader.

Bing also proposes that one should keep the advertisements very minimal and focus on the content. This would make the site very rich, and people would want to navigate more on the site.

The idea of having good content is that it will keep the visitor engaged for a longer period; if the content is worthy to read, they shall also give references of your site which will increase the traffic to your site.

14. Social media:

It is a well-known fact that social media plays a vital role in the growth of any business. Bing SEO concentrates on social media and also informs that the sites should be present on social media. This will increase the visitors to the site, and people will come to know about the companies.

Having a presence in social media will increase your chances of better ranking as compared to other search engines. You will have a wide variety of audience – as they shall connect with various types of social media.

Thus Bing, as compared to Google, provides better services and ranking for the sites.

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