The Best SEO Tools You Should be Using Are

Search Engine Optimization is an important process to improve a website ranking. It also helps to find new areas to develop your content and improve your site reachability.

Who doesn’t want free traffic right?

Are you familiar with SEO practices? It is important to monitor your website continues to get a good result. A good SEO tool will help you with that. If you are starting a new website choosing the best SEO tool is a crucial, task. There are many SEO tools on the market. But comparing them is a tedious process.

Best SEO Tools

You heard the term SEO many times now. Here I am explaining about Search Engine Optimization, Importance of SEO, various SEO process, and best SEO tools.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a set of rules for website owners to follow in order to optimize their website for search engines. It helps to improve search engine rankings, quality of the site and its performance.

Some of the SEO tools are free. Paid one is also there. As a newbie, you can go for free SEO tools first. After getting a profit from your site you can choose a paid one. Paying a good tool to optimize your website will give you benefits.

Importance of SEO

  • It is essential to be in the top 5 positions to get more viewers. Search engine optimization will help you with that. Thereby you can improve site ranking.
  • SEO helps to improve user experience and usability of your site
  • Being in the top position helps to get you more trust from user
  • SEO helps you in the social promotion of your site
  • It helps in smooth running of a site also put you ahead of your competitor site.

Functions of SEO:

Keyword Analysis:

According to Brian Dean “without Keywords, there is no such thing as SEO “. It is a method of finding hidden opportunities and thereby increasing your site’s traffic flow.

Ranking tool:

Using this tool you can find out your site’s ranking and it is very important. It also helps you to analyze your marketing strategies and you can find out the best working one.

Content effectiveness:

In this section, it checks your content quality. If you can make your content unique and entertaining you can win the market. Keep writing about relevant topics and optimize your content with keywords.

Link building:

Links are one of the most deciding factors when it comes to rank building. If your content is strong and unique you will automatically get backlinks. Thus you can popularize your site and its search ranking.

Link Removal:

Link removal is a time-consuming process. If your site has been affected by some bad links you can remove it. It helps to protect your site from negative SEO. Removing backlinks are absolutely harmless and get a good impact on your site.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is important to protect a site from errors and technical issues. You can check them using many tools. If your site has any technical issues like an error, slow loading etc. then it will affect your site ranking. So always check the background task.

We can combine all of them together and can be divided into 4 main sections. An SEO team of a company performs the following tasks. They are

Ongoing monitoring:

Ongoing monitoring is an important function even your site has got a team to manage SEO. By doing this you will get an idea about the ranking system of important pages, the current ranking trend of your website, and overall performance of your site. Best tools for this purpose are Google Analytics, Google search console, Bing Webmaster tools etc.

On page optimization:

In this phase, you have to find out the expectation of a targeted audience and do accordingly. Implement their expectation into your site and indicate the important phrases and questions on your page. You can do this using SEO spider tool, Google Trends, Google Keyword planner etc.

Technical Auditing:

Sometimes a minute technical error may affect your site performance badly. So, you have to monitor all background performance every couple of months. There are many tools to help you with. They are GT Metrix, Screaming Frog Spider tool, BuiltWith etc.

Authority and backlinks:

Based on your site performance your site will have a hidden authority. It determines your site’s credibility. So you can improve your site’s domain authority by increasing the number of links from reputable sources (Backlinks). You can do backlink analysis using Moz Open site explorer and Moz Bar, Google& Bing search engine etc.

Now you got various SEO functions. Selecting a good SEO tool is essential to improve your traffic. Don’t spoil your traffic. Check out some popular SEO tool that you can try out for your website

10 Best SEO Tools from Industry Experts are:

1. SEM Rush:

SEM Rush is a powerful SEO tool that can be used for online marketing. This is an excellent all- in- one tool for SEO. The tool is user-friendly with graphic representation and competitive intelligence. It shows customers the accurate data after comparing with competitor site. You can also use this tool for campaign tracking and SERP monitoring.

SEM Rush is a great tool for estimate web traffic, click traffic and common keywords. You can use their auditing feature to improve your site performance. This is an excellent tool which offers more than 20 ways to research competition.

You can find the best backlinks, best keyword, and best content from this tool. Use it for free or subscribe to its premium membership by paying their yearly membership. In short, this is a tool that allows access to any domain or keyword from any location and discovers your local competitors.

2. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a very useful tool for every website. It is a freemium tool that analyses your organic traffic and compares it with past traffic performance. So you will get an idea of your site’s performance. It helps to drive your website in the right direction.

If you don’t want to pay you can create a free account. The tool is very easy to use and you don’t have to do guesswork anymore. Work on real data to improve your site performance. Other than analyzing traffic it also gives you many keyword suggestions that may attract more traffic to your site.

3. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is an incredible SEO tool. It is the favorite tool of many content marketers and business owners. It is considered as the best tool for backlink analysis. Also, this tool has got a content analyzer which searches for the most popular topic or keyword. For Keyword analysis they use keyword explorer 2.2. It gives you thousands of relevant keyword suggestions and an idea about searcher’s trends.

Using their rank tracker you can get daily/weekly/monthly ranking reports. Ahrefs also gives you an email alert when you or your competitors get a new backlink or if one lost. Many experts believe in this tool. So try to see the best results. Use free version first and if you want you can move to the premium version.

4. Longtail Pro:

This is a user-friendly SEO tool you can use. It helps to find more competitive keywords and give you an idea of using them. Using its matrics you can determine the strength of your domain, backlinks, page strength, indexed URLs etc. So by using this tool, you will get a good rank in search engine. Now, you can use this tool in your browser which makes its operation 10 times faster.

Its algorithm is brand new and keeps changing to make it compatible with all new sites. Many experts believe in this tool. You can use it for free or sign up for its premium membership. It is your choice whether you want to use it for free or by paying. If you subscribed to its membership you will get access to many great features


Keyword tool is a popular keyword planner you can use. It is a simple and easy tool that gives you tons of keyword ideas. Its specialty is that it generates 750+ long tail keyword suggestions. Keyword suggestion will be based on the Google domain and language you choose.

You can use this tool on Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and many other marketing sites. So increase your web traffic by using relevant keywords and improve your site performance. It is a freemium tool. You can use it for free even without creating an account.

6. Screaming frog:

This is one of the most valuable SEO tools. It is the best tool you can use to analyze any technical errors, server errors or broken links. It generates a complete list of errors and you can repair it with the help of a developer. Screaming frog also integrates Google search console and Google analytics.

You can use it for free by creating an account. They offer many facilities and features for their premium account holders. Use it and make your site error free. This tool is useful for search engine optimizers, website managers, and web developers. To use this tool you need to have a great technical SEO understanding and a firm grasp of HTML language.

7. Moz Keyword explorer:

Moz is a very popular keyword explorer. It is a favorite tool of most website managers. Its keyword explorer is the largest and most accurate one compared to other tools. Other functions of this tool are link building, webpage performance, local listing, and auditing.

Its list feature enables you to determine how competitive content is. Like all other tools, it not only gives you competitive keywords but will give details of competitive topics. Its Open site explorer helps to uncover content and link building, tracks your site’s link profile with your competitor sites and targets link building.

You can use it for free. Compare all data and metrics to develop new business strategies. It is essential to improve your website ranking.

8. Majestic:

This is a very popular SEO tool. Its site explorer tool helps you to explore a domain/URL. This tool is great to check backlink history by checking the number of backlinks for the given domain and subdomain. By creating an account on this tool it allows you to compare 5 domains simultaneously.

Search explorer tool is great to find out popular keywords and their corresponding page title and Url. You can check the list of keywords to compare their competitiveness on the web. Also, it gives information about the relative search volume. Find out many other features by getting a free Majestic account.

9. Pro Rank tracker:

Prorank tracker is the best tool that gives you all information about your competition. It is a cloud-based service so easy to monitor your website ranking. It also comes with multiple language support. This tool is designed to track keyword volume data and improves your online visibility. Also, it is safe to use as it guarantees data security.

This comes with behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithm to improve system performance. It is the most trusted site among marketing agencies, website owners and business enterprises etc. this tool also supports 11 local languages.

10. Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is the most dependable source of all SEO tools. It helps to keep track with keyword trends and make sure to make your content relevant. Also, it compares keyword trends and estimates their search volume changes over time.

If you have a small keyword this tool will pour you with all related words. using keyword planner you can generate reports daily/weekly/monthly. Improve your site performance and get noticed. This tool is free to use and will give you a good user-friendly experience.

Now got an idea about SEO tools? They are essential to improve your website’s performance. You will get all details about SEO tools here. Choose the best one and check whether its features satisfy your requirement. Always choose the best tool because it decides your company’s future.

Most importantly check your content quality and try to implement the results from SEO tools. Only with best SEO, you cannot attract viewers. Make sure to maintain good content quality, It helps to improvise your site quality and performance. Getting noticed is very important in this field. Use SEO tools and make your site NO 1.

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