Best SEO Blogs and Resources to Boost Your Rankings

Bloggers have successfully made their mark by helping users. They need to write such content which satisfies the need of the user. Given below are the best SEO bloggers and their blogs to follow. They are experts in their fields.

Best SEO Blogs

Best SEO Blogs for Beginners and Professionals:

1. Backlinko:

It is one of the most famous single‐author SEO blogs. It was founded by Brian Dean. This man publishes only a few contents. It focuses more on quality writing. This is the reason he rarely writes. But he always ends up by impressing the reader.

Most of the SEO experts have accepted the fact that they have learned a lot from him. He generally posts 4-5 blogs per month. His blogs are neither too long nor too short. This man uses the Skyscraper Technique. The specialty he holds can be seen in his writing style. His blogs win over 1,10,078 visitors.

2. Ahrefs:

This blog was started by Dmitry Gerasimenko. It is a multi-authored blog. They publish only 1–2 posts per week. They try to provide quality driven content to the visitor. This is the reason they have got over 61,399 visitors per week.

They write blogs carrying approx 4000 words only. The blogs written by them include every single detail.

3. Moz:

This blog was founded by Rand Fishkin. He has a good team of blog writing. They have fetched over 2,17,714 visitors because of the content provided by them. They regularly publish their blogs for their followers.

They publish approx 16 articles per month. They keep on publishing blogs and so their blogs consist of 2000 words only. One of their blog “beginner’s guide to SEO” was loved worldwide. They know how to maintain traffic. They keep on updating their blogs.

4. Search Engine Watch:

It was also started by Danny Sullivan in 1996. So it can be said that it is the oldest SEO blog. It is a multi-authored blog with approx 3,11,662 visitors. It is not just a blog but also a news website.

It is because the blogs published by this site is inclusive of news articles and guides. They believe that their contributors and columnists are their strength. They produce very impressive content for the readers. They publish more than 20 blogs per month.

5. Hobo‐web:

It is the best single‐author SEO blog to be followed. It was launched by Shaun Anderson. He also writes worth reading blogs for the user. Many users don’t like to read him because his blogs include 5000 words. But his blogs are well‐structured.

Majority of SEO consultants and SEO experts can be found following. He has managed to attract more than 57,815 users in a month. He publishes only 2-3 blogs per month. Still, he satisfies his users always.

6. SEMRush:

Oleg Schegolev and Dmitri Melnikov are known to be the founders of this blog. It is also a multi-authored blog. They keep on posting blogs for their followers. Till date, they have published more than 3,000 blog posts.

They have had strong writers in their team. Gael Breton and Ryan Stewart have also contributed to them. They experience over 53,377 visitors on their blog. They post approx 30 posts every month with 2000 words.

7. Matthew Woodward:

It was launched by Matthew Woodward. He started his blog in 2012. He actually didn’t mean to start his blog. He just experimented and got succeeded. He wanted to try out SEO without having the network. This experiment proved to be advantageous for him and he got established.

He keeps on publishing post and tutorials. All in all, his blog is not fully SEO oriented. He believes in writing on a variety of issues. He posts approximately 10 posts per month. He usually gets 48,536 readers.

8. Search Engine Land:

It was started by Danny Sullivan. After Search Engine Watch, Danny Sullivan launched another blog. He named it as Search Engine Land. This site was founded in 2006. This blog focuses only on SEO related content.

He was so indulged in writing that he transformed it into multi-authored one. This site posts approx 135 posts per month. It means that more than 3 posts are published on daily basis. It has got the highest i.e. 12.05,476 visitors on its blog post.

9. Search Engine Journal:

The founder of this blog is Loren Baker. It is a well‐known SEO news blog. It came into existence in 2003 but got popularity very soon. It has been seen that the users love the writing structure of this blog. This is the reason this site has approx 3,07,227 visitors.

They keep on posting 4–5 posts per day. Freshers or beginners are suggested to have a look at their extensive history of Google algorithm updates. It is a must-read blog.

10. Yoast:

Joost de Valk is known to be the founder of this blog. This multi-authored blog posts approx 33 blogs per month. Each and every article consists of 989 words only.

Users can read the blogs without worrying much about time. This site usually gets 217,201 readers. Viewers say that not every blog provided by Yoast is good. But some of them are exceptionally good.

11. Cognitive SEO:

Razvan Gavrilas founded this blog site. This blog type belongs to a multi-authored blog. Its estimated monthly traffic is 17,931. They are known to post organic stuff constantly. One of their best posts is “Do Social Signals Influence SEO?”

Though they don’t have many followers they do offer good quality content. They have also increased their followers in a very short span of time. Users can find them on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

12. GotchSEO:

It was founded by Nathan Gotch. It was founded in 2013. It succeeded in making its mark in a very short span of time. His every post gets approx 500+ comments. It can be said that users really love the content provided by Nathan Gotch

He only posts 1 blog post in a month. He gets more than 22,654 visitors every month. He tries to satisfy every viewer. This is the reason he takes so much time to produce quality based content.

13. Builtvisible:

It was founded by Richard Baxter. Richard Baxter is the person who is known to be an expert in SEO. He holds more than 15 years of experience. No doubt, he holds mastery in the technical field.

He writes blogs for experienced people. That’s why beginners find it hard to understand the language. But once one starts understanding the language, it becomes advantageous. So beginners and intermediaries can try it out. But experts will definitely love it.

14. Robbie Richards:

Robbie Richards started this blog site to write SEO related content. He is so dedicated in his work that he writes an article of 12,000 words. He takes a month to research well on this topic and so he publishes just 1 article in a month.

His blog ‘14 Killer Link Building Strategies for 2018’ is known to be one of the best blogs ever written. He wrote that blog with many examples. It proved to be a helping hand for other people.

15. Lion Zeal:

Daryl Rosser began his career with this blog. He writes blogs which consist of 5000 words. He is settling soon because of his talent and dedication.

The world knows him for his interviews with successful SEOs. His interview of Matt Diggity, Ryan Stewart, Nathan Gotch, Venchito Tampon, etc gained so much popularity. He even posts the interviews in transcript form. He has become a successful youtuber now.

16. Distilled:

It was started by Will Critchlow & Duncan Morris. Distilled was found in 2005. Along with it Critchlow also created an online SEO university and an SEO conference. He successfully built a good team of professionals.

All of them contribute content with high quality. They are known to provide novel and unique ideas. The most loved article of Distilled is “Google Data Studio: The Beginner’s Tutorial”. Beginners can follow it on various social media sites.

17. SEO by the Sea:

Bill Slawski wanted to write on the working of Google. That’s why he started this blog. He writes blogs regarding how Google works and what are its future plans. He analyzes whitepapers and Google Patents.

It is an apt place to know all the basics of SEO. This blog site is highly recommended by experts. Not everyone follows this blog site but it is worthier. Bill Slawski is a techno-friendly person with over 30 years of experience.

18. Search Engine Roundtable:

Barry Schwartz founded Search Engine Roundtable in December 2003. It is a sort of SEO news website. It publishes 5–6 posts per day. On an average basis, they post 164 blogs every month.

They aim to provide information to people of the SEO community. They try to keep their followers up to date. They even take feedback from the search community. They do so for the betterment of the blog. So, one can use it and can suggest as well.

19. SEER Interactive:

It was founded by Wil Reynolds in 2002. On being asked what the aim is? Wil Reynolds says “Do great things for our clients, our team and the community at large.”They don’t post blogs on trending issues. They do not even publish blogs on topics which have been covering many times.

They always search for a unique topic. That’s why they satisfy users by publishing unique content always. He also writes blogs on long‐tail keywords. His writing style differentiates him always.

20. Kaiser the Sage:

It was founded by Jason Acidre. This person knows the art of making networks. He uses the same art to write blogs. He takes 50K‐320K visits on a particular webpage per month.

He writes brilliant blogs on link building. His blogs on outreach‐based link building are loved by users the most. He has not confined himself only to link building blogs. He also writes on SEO‐related topics. He successfully runs competitive link acquisition campaigns.

21. Nick Eubanks:

Nick Eubanks created this site. He loves researching keywords and writing on them. He also writes at IFTF. He loves to be called link building automation guy. He has also blogged for Later it was sold for $100,000.

His blogs are differently written. It is a must say that people who are interested in SEO should follow this site. His blog on ‘How to Optimize Your Website’s Crawl Budget’ is brilliantly written.

22. Marie Haynes:

Marie Haynes created this blog based on her name. She wanted to inform people of Google penalties. And so she started writing blogs. She has helped many business personalities to be saved from Google penalties since 2008.

She has a strong knowledge of Google penalties. She does not regularly post blogs. Still, her blogs offer everything a user wants. She is a mastermind when it comes to Google. Her suggestions have always helped other people.

23. Buzzstream:

It was started by Paul May. This site is the best outreach software. Along with it they also publish good content. Their prime focus is on outreach and link building.

They do not believe in quantity. This is the reason they publish just 2-3 posts every month. But their all contents are loved by users.

24. Diggity Marketing:

Matt Diggity is the founder of this blogging site. This man is well known to provide unique selling tricks. His tips and advice are based on actual test results. So they always help users.

He never suggests anything just by reading it somewhere. He first applies it and observes the result. Based on the experimentation he brings out the conclusion. Every month he brings out his monthly SEO news roundup.

Just following any of the above blogs will be enough. The user will get an answer to their every query. Beginners now know about best SEO bloggers and their blogs to follow.

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