Benefits of Blogging for Business, Students & Education

These days, everyone has started writing and are owning blogs.

Back when blogging had begun, it was only the journals that were published online. The goal of earning online and to write professional blogs wasn’t even sought for.

However, now we see that blogging has evolved into a different field where there are different kinds of blogs on various topics – sports, entertainment and so on.

Benefits of Blogging

Here’s a list of the biggest benefits of blogging in your business, personal and professional life:

The Benefits of Blogging You Must Know:

Get to Earn Online:

Media jobs are frequent and buzzing authors or freelancers are in demand.

Every business these days needs to showcase its products online. For this, they require the help of websites and blogs which needs good content.

And here comes the need for freelancers because small scale industries or start-ups don’t require fulltime writers.

In these cases, the content once written, stays there and is updated not so frequently.

Grow your business chain:

Blogging is a network based effort and it’s through social networking that people here engage.

Let it be through Gmail or Facebook or Linkedin, people engage on a blog through these platforms.

The word of mouth has been substituted by the number of likes.

Henceforth, blogging about your business will bring its own benefits. You can showcase your products and improve the face value of the business through online content.

Promote your business:

For any business, the main motive behind starting a blog is promoting its business.

Digital marketing is the most sought after thing today, due to the growing popularity of networking worldwide.

While online, businesses can connect to potential clients and expand their business. This is how revenue for the business is generated online.

For any company, its online visibility will have a profound effect.

All the positive reviews and invites make a huge impact on the growth of the business.

A website is always static for a business. It is a blog which helps you create beneficial and helpful content in an entertaining and effective manner.

For companies and entrepreneurs, gaining online visibility is one of the best ways to grow subscribers, leads and ultimately revenue. This can’t be achieved with a static corporate website.

Become an Expert in Your Field:

Your business blog will work as a platform to showcase your expertise and knowledge.

Publishing blog posts that are appropriate, prompt, related, and explanatory will ultimately attract the attention of industry experts and earn your appreciation.

Showcase your resume:

Here I would like to cite a real life example where one candidate had emailed his employer the link to his portfolio.

His blog consisted of all his projects till date and his pastime hobbies. Visual resumes are in, although text resumes still are frequent in the industry.

For a beginner or a fresher, a blog will say it all to land up on his dream job of content writing.

Acquire the most sought after skills in industry:

User-friendly blogging platforms like WordPress have made it accessible to everyone. Its free blog hosting services have enabled to take up blogging.

This platform exposes users to web designing tools and graphic designing as well which are the most sought after skills in the industry.

Boost your SEO knowledge:

Creating blog content that is entertaining, helpful and valuable is an effective way to grow your website’s popularity, online rankings, and traffic.

Eventually, search engines want to deliver results that are helpful to their users. When you write an article, Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing regard it.

Each blog post that you publish is another opportunity to get traffic from search.

Acquire business emails:

There’s this hype about social networking lately.

However, emails are still the best formal or professional way to interact.

For instance, your blog will help you with your business contacts. Although people tend to be online on social networks they are habituated to check their emails and the subject of the email says it all.

It tells the receiver whether to open it or discard it in the first instance.

It seems very unprofessional while asking someone for their email or any of their contact details.

When in person, you prefer business cards but while working online; it’s the email address that matters. And blogging is your secret way to acquire this piece of information.

This email address will help you promote your business and send them updates which will catch up their attention.

Learn a new language:

When I say, learning and getting better at things, blogging is a lot more helpful if you are trying to learn a new language.

All of us are comfortable speaking or conversing in our mother tongue but it’s the foreign languages that require special attention.

And when you begin blogging in that new language, you will learn to express yourself in that foreign language.

It will be like – you post something in that new language and therefore get comments and replies in the same language (maybe). This will improve your knowledge and word power of that language.

Conversations are always easy to remember rather than bookish knowledge. So, while you’re replying to the comments on your blog, you’re unintentionally teaching your mind the new words of the language.

Refine your technical knowledge:

Blogging will make you a word builder, that’s for sure. Along with that, you also get to brush up your computer skills through formatting your documents or articles and posts that you publish online.

Even setting up your blog and the entire process will walk you through the technical ladder.

Moreover, you don’t have to excel in a programming language or any mark-up language (HTML 5, JavaScript, etc).

These days you get automated tools which provide you with a built-in user interface and various themes. You will have to choose a theme of your choice and requirement.

These tools are user-friendly; you don’t have to be a genius to learn using them. All it takes is your common sense and a little bit of help though online tutorials or a video.

Improves Your Art of Writing:

Reading and writing are interrelated. The more you read, the more your mind gets used to fluency.

While writing, your thoughts are converted into words and this is improved by reading articles.

Commonly, bloggers write regularly. You may also acquire this habit of blogging daily and improving your writing skills.

Your blog is you speaking to the world and since it is online, you will even get feedback. Eventually, you will improve your word power and its usage.

Become a Proclaimed Columnist:

As written above, the more you write, the more you improve.

It will seem a herculean task to write even one page but when your mind is full of ideas and your thoughts flow into words, your writing will enhance the beauty of your mind.

Usually, publishers always are serious about their business and don’t take chances with their image in the industry.

Therefore, they always prefer authors with a fan base. This is where being a blogger is useful and is the quickest way to catch their attention.

Brings to you the platform of appreciation:

The next step after appreciation as an expert in your field is to be invited for delivering speeches at events or talk shows.

Sometimes, you may land up on an opportunity to write speeches for a recognized person.

Speaking in public will not only help you gain popularity but also increase your self-confidence.

You learn to present yourself in the best way possible in front of others. Not to forget, it leads you to financial gain as well.

Blogging presents your independence:

Yes, you heard it, right!

Blogging presents you the freedom to be at your home, at your own ease and earn money.

It leads you to an improvement in your writing and technical skills without having to register for a course.

You get this chance of expressing yourself to the world at a click of your fingers. Your family life isn’t disturbed neither your hobbies are compromised.

There are travel blogs and sometimes this will lead you to travel around the globe and collect experiences. What much would you require out of your job!

Improved Video Skills:

Blogging also includes posting videos. These videos can be self-made or hyperlink’s to other websites.

These videos won’t be all relevant to your blog, so there will be the need to edit them. This is where you apply your video editing skills and hone them.

You ace at researching:

You will also find the best ways to obtain information as you search for information on the net for your blog.

In this process, you will come across results which will take you to other blogs who are working on similar content and there you gain new ideas.

This will eventually lead you to enlighten your readers’ minds.

Improved Memory:

When you write, your brain is exercising.

New learning through your research is the best form of exercise for the neurons.

Your mind also needs exercise just like your body needs physical exercise. Blogging activities are a form of mental gymnastics.

Increased Creativity:

Your brain has two sides – one is the conscious side and the other is unconscious.

Our brain thinks more creatively as we move to our unconscious sides.

Without your knowledge, the unconscious mind helps you to generate ideas while blogging.

This leads to out of the box thinking. We can conclude that writing activates your unconscious side of the brain to generate creativity.

Incorporate Focus:

The act of writing and expressing yourself online will give you both internal and external feedback which will sharpen your insight and develop the mind to focus better on things.

The advantage of blogging is that it intensifies your concentration power since writing on a topic requires extensive research.

Share Your Interests:

The Picture has changed and these days’ people have blogs to follow their interests while being indulged in their professional life.

There are blogs which speak out for a group of activities or causes that are beneficial to the human race and its surroundings.

This passion will make a difference. You can lean on and support your cause.

My personal cause would be protecting wildlife and through my blog, I would have people with the same mind-sets reading my blogs.

Therefore, I may try bringing a change in the society.

Share Your Comprehension:

Blogging brings the teacher inside you.

If you’re good at your subject and are able to explain to others the same knowledge, blogging is the best platform.

Imparting your knowledge to people across the world doesn’t require a lot of fuss.

Blogging realizes your ambitions:

Blogging for me has been a way to discover the author inside me and to realize my ambitions.

I have discovered which method suits me and which doesn’t. I research on a topic and write related articles which help me stay focused.

Blogging as a whole has been a new experience for me. The researching, the writing, the feedback I receive – all contribute to my aim for dodging boundaries and connecting to like-minded people.

This world has been an exciting place for me both socially and online as well.

We all now have the authority in our hands to make a difference and maybe build a tradition of blogging.

We are to set forward for our future generations to be transparent and honest about their thoughts. They ought to respect other’s interest as well and protect their interests.

Academic qualifications such as a degree or a diploma are still necessary and exhibit good self-control.

The universal truth is that you no longer have to wait for 20 years to be called a specialist by an organization or by the media. Just start a blog today and raise yourself.

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