For Being Creative: Reasons, Misconceptions and Ways

Creativity is a process where imaginative and new ideas are implemented. Creativity can also be termed as a “change in perspective”. Being creative is influenced by the capability of a person to find out new patterns, look at the world in new ways, and associate unusual scenarios, and finally get the results.

Creativity is solving issues in new ways. The two main aspects of being creative are,

  1. Thinking
  2. Producing

When a person wants to be creative, it means they should avoid doubts, get ready for risks, and confront fears.

Being Creative Ways


Reasons to be Creative:

Any person who desires to be creative should be one who breaks the usual schedule and is ready to do something for different output. Creative people look for inspiration even in boring situations. They are ones who plan for a thousand routes for just one destination. There are few reasons to be creative and some of them are,

Solve issues:

When you’re creative, you become a good problem solver in all areas of work as well as life. Usually, creative people avoid logical, linear approach and use their creative vision to view the situations. Creativity assists in dealing with uncertainty and view aspects in a different manner. Studies also open up that creative people are capable of adapting uncertainty as they can change their thinking for unknown scenarios.

Creativity offers long life:

Creativity is said to protect health as it pulls different neural networks inside the brain. Researches and studies also mention that creating art helps in decrease in anxiety, stress, good medical outcome, and also decreases negative emotions. Also, researchers of Scientific American article mentions that only creativity, not openness or intelligence decreases mortality risks.

Confidence development:

Trying to be creative needs a lot of courage as there are many ups and downs. The percentage of failure and risk is also high. Though you share your art, remember the risk may be high and you may not see the days light too. The best confidence builder ever is in the creative process. This is because you can very well find out that, failure is also in the procedure. Hence any individual can enjoy these benefits by being creative.

Misconceptions about being Creative:

Not all approved to the importance and values of creative thinking presently. Varied people assume creativity in different ways. Creativity has no special rules of procedures and it is not fixed for a certain group of people. Many people have misconceptions about being creative.

Not a creative individual:

Many people think and mention that they aren’t creative. They think that creativity is a talent and they should be born with it. This is completely false and individuals need to understand that creativity is not a talent by birth. The truth is that all human beings possess the talent for living in a creative manner and they implement it differently. It depends on the individual about how far they try to develop their creativity.

Creativity can’t earn a living:

This could have been true for the past, but in today’s competitive workplace, being creative is crucial. At times of economic hardship, it is important to get more from less. People working in restricting business would know the importance of creativity. It is also true that in 1956, IBM developed a curriculum for employees about being creative. They also taught executives to think in a creative mode rather than getting lost in the financial crisis. Any business owner or manager would be affected a lot if they are not creative.

No time for creativity:

Just 10 minutes is ample enough to draw, write a journal, write a story, etc. It is a way to reflect creativity. Individuals should understand the creative ways by which we can engage and see the world. By this way, we change from reactive to creative thinking.

Creativity is an artistic expression:

Many individuals have a perception that creativity means representing artistic talent. This is the biggest misconception and is false. Creativity can be represented in all fields.

  • Doctors are creative while they diagnose diseases
  • Social workers are creative when they find new strategies to help poor
  • Entrepreneurs are creative when they find a new product or reap profit with new technics
  • Scientists are creative as they find new theories, etc.

Hence creativity is not only art and architecture; it is the way by which individuals find new ways to solve a problem. Hence creativity is everywhere.

Creativity is a flash of insight:

Many people have the misconception that creativity comes in like a flash of insight. There may be few moments and are considered as a part of the creative process. Many artists, scientists, and inventors mention that creativity is a long process. Innovator of modern art, Constantin Brancusi has mentioned that creativity is not a thunderbolt or striking from god. Creativity requires passion and clear intent.

It was Thomas Edison who mentioned that “creativity is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”.

Creativity requires a varied pattern of hard work where the individual needs to do playful experimentation, curious exploration, and proper examination. Fresh insights and ideas would seem like they came in like a flash but such ideas came out after many cycles of reflecting, imagining, playing, creating, etc.

Creativity cannot be developed:

The truth is that every human being is creative and they just need to develop it. The creativity level is never designed or fixed at birth. Creativity is mentioned as an expandable muscle. One cannot become a champion in bodybuilding without working out in a gym. In the same manner, to become a creative person, you need to concentrate and practice. There are many types of research which proved that creativity can be developed at any age.

Creativity means problem-solving:

Creativity is a parameter for problem-solving but is not the only use. Creativity is all about the creation of something interesting and new. In order to solve problems, the human brain has two varied thought processes.

  1. The first one is where learned knowledge is utilized and applied. This is mentioned as convergent thinking and mostly utilizes the left side of the brain.
  2. Pattern finding is the second one, and it utilizes more of the right side of the brain. This is known as divergent thinking.

Creative thinking is developing solutions or arriving at solutions. Creativity is also the main parameter in knowledge discovery, art and these fields do not have to solve any problems. Hence creative thinking is not only problem-solving. After understanding the various myths or misconceptions about creativity, it is good to start being a creative person by learning ways to become creative.

Ways to be More Creative:


Doodling can be considered as the perfect way to develop creativity as it assists in enhancing productivity. Doodling truly increases creativity as the association with the attention span and the world is increased. At times of activities, doodling helps to be engaged otherwise you may zone out. Whenever you experience your mind to be wandering, disengaged or boring you can doodle.

Join new classes:

It is good to register for some new classes you’ve not been to before. Creativity would flow when you do something new and outside your comfort zone. There are plenty of new courses including adult education too. Apart from the usual ones, you can try woodworking, learning a new language, pottery, painting, cooking, a new instrument, etc.

Physical activity:

There are researches that open up that left-brain dominance is forced out by means of physical activity and also develops a creative mindset. Enhanced Oxygen and blood flow to the brain helps in sharpening mental activity.

Generate more ideas:

Think of a brick, paper clip or knife, just come out with a lot of different ideas by which it can be used. Even if the ideas are stupid, do not mind. Toppling can be tried where new words are generated. It is also good to set up an ideal time that too when you are undistracted, relaxed and sharp. This would help you gain new ideas.

Watch humor series:

Individuals can get linked freely, think in a broader manner and also find out complex relationships as a result of laughing. There are researches that have proved that the puzzle solving capability of individuals is more after they watched bloopers.

Writer Edward de Brono mentions that “the logic about humor is completely diverse from traditional ones.” The importance of humor is that it indicates pattern switching, pattern forming and also pattern asymmetry. Hence humor is similar to lateral thinking and creativity.

Consuming more vegetables and fruits:

Curiosity and creativity go hand in hand. There are many kinds of research that have proved that curiosity and creativity are developed by consuming more vegetables and fruits.

Away from mobiles:

Though social media can be the best platform to open up your talent and work to the outside world, it isn’t a proper way to be focused. By being away from mobiles, an individual can avoid distractions. Online activities can be planned and in short sessions. It is suggested to avoid procrastination, avoid online ruling the individuals and be focused. When mobiles are shut off for a major time period of the working day, time isn’t wasted and the individual can be more creative.

The right environment:

The truth is that every individual is creative and they wanted the right environment, support, and stimulus. This is one main reason for Google dedicating a good working environment for employees for creative thinking. They provide beach volleyball courts, adult playground set up, beer for free and lots more. The main reason for such ideas is to develop a comfy and relaxed environs for employees for generating new ideas. Businesses that look for creativity should attempt to develop safe, creative ways by which creativity is developed and unusual ideas flow.

Allow boredom:

It is good to understand the way to embrace boredom. The research mentions that when an individual is bored it leads to creativity and deep thinking. The theory behind it is that during boredom the brain looks for stimulation and further in shifts to a daydreaming state. This, in turn, brings out new ideas. Hence it is good to offer your brain a breathing room, instead of being productive all the time.

Playing music:

Every work environment is filled with tight schedules, meetings, high priority sessions, etc. An individual needs to get away from being very serious and needs to relax. Playing music at stress times helps to relieve stress and to relax. Playing music in the background can lead to clear thinking and being more creative.

Change perspectives:

Whenever you’re given a topic, look at it from different angles. Think how a scientist would handle it, what a child would do, how a very old person would approach it, etc. When you view from varied perspectives, then new ideas would be generated.

Set deadlines:

Deadlines are important as they help work get done and also enhance creative pulses. It is good to plan for the day for the amount of work to be done. By this way, you would get inspiration of the neighboring and feel proficient. Individuals concentrate and get their work done when deadlines are fixed.

Making with hands:

When your hands are used for some purpose, it means that you get information from all senses. This leads to enhanced creative thinking. Ones who desire to be more creative can do things that make use of hands, for example, sewing, knitting, and other craft ideas.


It is suggested for humans to be positive as optimism is never dumb. A positive way of approach for any matter is important. When there are optimism and passion in any work, it would lead to success surely. Hence there are many ways for an individual to be creative. Creativity develops as time passes and is not a born talent or gift. Individuals should thus focus on developing many aspects as mentioned above in order to develop creativity.

Regular exercise, enough sleep, socializing with different people, etc. can boost creativity. Creativity is nothing but a skill that can be developed with effort, training and time. As mentioned all these areas can be focused to enhance creativity. There are loads of ideas from other online sources too that assist in developing creativity.

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