Different Types of Backlinks in SEO You Need to Know

Link building strategies are ever evolving. While earlier link building was all about link exchanges and link farms, presently it has drifted towards earning quality links for your website or blog.

With a content of excellent quality, outreach, and using spammy techniques it is possible to confuse search engines and earn higher rankings for your website. For this reason, link building stands as a powerful strategy for boosting traffic to your site and making it easier for visitors to discover it.

Types of Backlinks

Then what’s the Problem?

Despite a known fact that link building is an effective way to shift organic search results to your site still, most of the companies and SEO marketers are not able to make good use of it.

It is because they lack implementing a successful strategy for link building.

Link building was easy when it was introduced. Companies or SEO marketers just have to set up their own multiple sites, interlink them, and their sites were rolling high in search engine results.

But increasing competition and increasing fight for higher rankings in search results made link building hard. As it has remained simple, then every person would be practicing it.

What Do You Need to Know?

Yes, presently link building is complex but if you use the correct tools and have the right information, you can stand among those who Need use link building to its best potential. The most important aspect of link building is to have complete knowledge of different kinds of links that you must earn for your clients or business.

In addition to this, you must know the correct ways to strategize acquiring these links. Just remember, there is nothing like a shortcut to building links and not every type of link will make sense for every type of business. But if you have knowledge about the different types of links then you can use them in order to create a newly customized link building strategy for SEO for a specific business.

So, here read this post till the end to know about some of the top links and ways to earn them!

Different Types of Backlinks – How You Can Earn Them?

ORG Links:

It is quite easy to get .org links. You can earn them by sponsoring a not-for-profit program, providing your products or services pro bono, or acting as a volunteer.

.EDU Links

The links like .edu are not powerful ones. But such websites have to possess great domain authority, which makes these links greatly valuable.

You can earn .edu links by sharing guest posts, especially those belonging to your industry. Also, you can encourage students to share their posts with classmates and teachers.

If you offer students a great discount then things can work in your favor.

.GOV Links:

Just like the .edu sites, even .gov links have high domain authority associated with them. You can earn .gov links by focusing on helping government bodies.
Offering scholarships, training, or discounts and notifying government bodies about your program can help you earn these links.

Internal Links:

The best part about internal links is that they are quite easy to build. If you use WordPress then using a related post plugin will help you fetch more internal links to your website.

Editorial Links:

It is possible to earn editorial links naturally by publishing engaging high-quality content.

For this, you need to develop a distinguished strategy for content marketing as this will increase your odds of earning high-quality editorial links.

Earning Links from Press or Traditional Media:

You can obtain links from media or press through magazines, newspapers, radio, and more. For this, you need to create a rich, informative resource that journalists would want to read and follow.

Though you can have someone to answer daily queries of journalists as this will increase your visitor’s engagement, this can be time-intensive. However, if you are ready for this option then it can help you a lot with link building on media.

Links from Social Media Profiles:

If you still have not added the link to your website to your social media profiles, then you are definitely losing out a lot.

This is one thing that most of the businesses and SEO marketers overlook. A major reason for this could be the presence of multiple social platforms, which can make things confusing.

Some of the popular social media platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Periscope
  • Goodreads
  • Quora, and more.

To ensure that you are able to fetch high-quality links from these platforms you must link your website to your social media profiles and use the power of social media to the fullest.

Forum Profile Links:

These links have high value among the audience. The audience is important for every industry and can make or break it.

You must search for top niche forums in your specific industry and instigate engaging. These links will offer value first and then you can share them in order to gain more valuable returns.

Complimentary Business Links Within Your Industry:

Complementary businesses target the same kind of audience, but they are not directly competing with you.

You have to offer guest posts in order to earn such links. You can also create a review of the complementary business service or product, or co-develop a campaign for marketing.

Earn Links from Competitors Within the Industry:

It is not easy to avail competitors to link to your website, but if you are getting it then you are performing the right thing.

Other than this, just consider developing a job board or plan to do something in-depth. The original research that you would do in this context is so valuable and can be linked to having higher earnings.

Local Directories Links

When it comes to local directories, then here we are talking about the best among all. Think about Bing, Yelp, and more other directories, which can actually provide you a high-quality backlink.

Earning these kinds of links is specifically important for local brick and mortar stores and can also help online brands too. Just check them out!

Links from Industry Directories:

Don’t get links from just any industry directory. You don’t have to rush to get those dozens of crappy directory links. But you need to check for legit industry directories, which is an excellent source for finding niche directories.
If still, you are unable to find a link for your niche then create your own.

Getting Links from LinkedIn Company Directory:

Another easy but overlooked way to earn high-quality links is through LinkedIn company directory. If you still have not created a company page then do create it first and then add a link to your website.

Links from Social Media Posts:

Another excellent and easy to earn quality backlinks is through social media posts. You can post new and valuable content to your social media platforms and use it as a tool to schedule the content number of times. You can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer in order to get continuous traffic.

Reddit Links:

Earning Reddit links is quite different than getting links from other types of social media platforms. It is because it involves a very meticulous approach.

The users of Reddit personally don’t like to be sold to, and hence, you need to practice this with much more care.

Just have a glance at the ‘marketing on Reddit’ guide written by Brent Csutoras. It’s really worth it.

Manual Outreach:

Now this one is a numbers game, and the best part is that it really works.
You need to look for broken links to pitch valuable resources for and reach out to webmasters when it makes sense. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you are offering users some value.

You can check the video on Moz for manual link building to get more knowledge about it.

Links from Guest Blogging:

You must have been practicing guest blogging from long, and it is still a valuable resource to earn backlinks.

All you need to do is find a complementary business blog or an industry new blog and then pitch a well-written, valuable, and solid post. It is an easy and great way to earn numerous quality backlinks.

EBook Links:

A simple way to earn high-quality links is to create an EBook and then add a quality link to it. Though this is simple, writing an EBook can be time intensive. If you are not good at writing then you can always hire an editor to get that help. Alternatively, you can convert multiple blog posts into an EBook.

Earn links from Template Directories:

If you possess all the skills of a developer or you have a team of efficient developers then try to create a WordPress theme or plugin. Just ensure that this is useful to others in the industry.

Local News Sites Links:

Just like you can get high-quality links from traditional media, similarly, you can earn high-quality links through local new sites. It is an excellent way to get started.

Links from How-to Articles and Guide:

Is there any specific topic or subject you devoted lots of time researching? Then write a how-to-article or guide or publish a high-quality resource for the same. Just think it from the user’s point of view.

If you are searching for a reliable resource there are equally good chances that other individuals are looking for a similar guide too. Hence, your how-to-guide can be an excellent resource for them, which they would even share with others!

Links from Infographics:

It is possible to create infographic links based on your own specific research. Another way is to curate stats from other websites.

In order to create an in-house infographic, you can use tools like Canva, which is an excellent infographic creator. Otherwise, you can outsource it.

Video Links:

YouTube is considered as the second biggest search engine. Hence, you can upload a video, but make sure you record it carefully so that you get high rankings in the search results. You can then embed a clickable link to it.

It is not necessary that you have to be too specific while creating a video of high-quality. You can anytime be live on Facebook with your phone and proper lighting and then upload a video to this channel.

Links from Emails:

This is a great way to gain backlink for those who have a newsletter list. Also, you can consider sponsoring the newsletter for a complimentary business.

Links from Wiki Sites:

When talking about such links, then it does not imply that you need to get links only through Wikipedia. You need to be more specific and find a Wiki specific to your industry. This can be used to publish industry related news. There are hundreds of Wiki available online. Just check them!

Podcasts Links:

You can either start as your own podcast or you can pitch to be as a guest on industry podcasts. The process of pitching can be quite time-consuming. Hence, you can consider outsourcing it. Make sure you outsource it to someone belonging from your industry so that you pitch podcasts, that make sense for the brand.

Links to Case Studies:

Before you begin with the process, you need to first create a case study.
You can consider partnering with a complementary business in order to divide the workload. Also, you can outsource it, if you think that doing so is not feasible for you.

Links to Glossaries:

This is easy! You just have to draw a list including top keywords of the industry and curate a glossary of important definitions. If you do it well then this will attract new links from bloggers, competitors, and journalists.

Final Words:

Definitely, the link building reputation has suffered a lot over the years and things that used to work before, work no longer now.

Link building is more about exchanging value and if you are offering something valuable, then only you can expect to earn high-quality backlinks. Just create a perfect link building strategy, then you can level up your SEO and get benefits from it.

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