How to Get Backlinks Indexed All the time in Google

Google is the most popular search engine among all other search engines. It is very important to make your content index properly by the search engine. If your contents are not indexed properly, it may result in various problems. The main issue will be that you cannot find your webpages or links in search results.

When it comes to indexing web pages you may also consider about indexing backlinks your website has. Every webmaster is trying different ways to get as many backlinks as possible for their website. It is also known as a very important ranking signal for Google.

Get Backlinks Indexed Google

But when I say backlinks are one of the important ranking signals for Google, you must know another point also. Quality of backlinks is more important for Google than quantity. So, if you are trying hard to make more backlinks, take some time to check its quality also.

You can disavow links that are not useful and irrelevant to your website. This way a webmaster can keep their website’s reputation. Are you struggling to get your backlinks indexed?

Don’t worry anymore, you can get some useful tips from this article that can help to index your backlinks.

To check whether the backlinks are indexed or not you can go to and paste the URL of the links you want to search. If you cannot find it in search result it means the page is not indexed properly. Without proper indexation, you cannot find any website in the search result.

All webmasters should make sure to check this before trying any other SEO methods for ranking their website better. There are many reasons for a page to not get indexed. Let’s discuss the reasons for not getting indexed

Reasons for Backlinks not getting Indexed:

Backlinks are an incoming link to a webpage from another website. According to Google, backlinks indicates a website’s authority and popularity among users. Also, Google will give preference to websites which has more authoritative backlinks. There are reasons why backlinks are not getting indexed properly.

You should know these reasons before trying to get your backlinks indexed. The reasons could be

Spammy links:

While accepting backlinks from another website once you have to check the quality of it. Sometimes it could be spammy and can also affect your website performance. So, always be careful before accepting backlinks from websites.

While accepting backlinks, it may have to be relevant to your website, from a website with good authority and ranking. Disavow backlinks that could be dangerous for your website performance and concentrate on accepting high-quality valuable backlinks

Check your content quality:

Before going to any other step, you first need to check your content quality. Google don’t like copied content at all. You may have to make sure not to use copied content just for the sake of building contents. Give unique content to Google and users so that it won’t reject your website without a good reason.

Also, make sure to avoid publishing small content less than 800 words. You cannot explain a concept well without at least 100 words. So, make sure to explain well through your content and make it indexed without any problem.

Non-index tag:

When you get backlinks from a no-index tag website then it is of no use. Some website will have a no-index tag on their pages. If you are getting backlinks from those websites or page you may have to convince them to remove that tag. It is of no use to have links from a website with a no-index tag. Google won’t even consider such websites while indexing because of the tag it has got.

Avoid posting on spammy platforms:

You can avoid posting on spammy platforms which can affect your website performance as well as reputation. There are many link building tools that may create spammy links to link with your website. Don’t waste your time on such black hat link building options. Just follow the white hat link building tactics to get more authoritative backlinks.

What are the Factors that Affect Getting Backlinks Indexed?

There are many factors that can be associated with backlink indexation. Some of them are site authority, backlink source, page rank, etc. You can see some important factors that can affect your backlink indexation process

Link domain:

Link domain age is a very important factor that can be useful for backlinks to get indexed faster. Older the domain, the faster it gets indexed

Page Authority:

Page authority is another factor that affects the indexation process. Ranking and page authority of referring website can affect your backlink indexation process easily.

Site popularity:

If you get backlinks from the popular website it can make the indexation process very fast. Linking to a new website can make the indexation process faster because it can provide fresh content for its audience.

Social shares:

The number of social shares is very important for a website. If a website gets backlinks from a source with more social popularity, then it can get indexed faster. You can increase social shares of contents to make it more acceptable to search engine.

Link source type:

If you got links from a website that has a various issue such as spammy contents then it can make indexation slow. You need to check the quality of links you are accepting on your website. Don’t lose your website credibility in order to increase the number of backlinks. Quality is more important than the number of backlinks

How to Get Backlinks Indexed Fast:

This is what we are going to discuss next. Without knowing better options to make your backlinks get indexed it is of no use to have so many backlinks. You can follow these options and make sure to get your backlinks indexed.

When you spend a lot of time to accumulate all these backlinks you need to make sure to use it properly. To get a good rank and in order to get more organic traffic indexing, backlinks can be useful.

Be patient:

Usually, Google indexes backlinks on a website within the first few days itself. It is based on the quality of the backlink your website is receiving. Sometimes the process may take longer also to get completed. You need to wait patiently to see the backlinks that are getting indexed by Google. One thing to keep in your mind is that it won’t happen overnight

Use Google Webmaster tool:

Next step is to use Google webmaster tool to index your website. The tool is very simple to use. All you have to do is to go to In this page, you can enter the URLs that need to be indexed. At a time, you can add up to 500 URL to this tool.

Use pinging tools:

If Google Webmaster tool is not working, the next step is to use a pinging tool. It is like you can tell the search engine to crawl certain URLs using some tools. Pingdom, Pingfarm, Pingler, etc are some useful tool that webmasters can use to communicate with search engine crawlers. When they see those pings, it can help the search engine crawlers to crawl on those URLs and index it properly.

While you use such a tool, try to limit the use. By sending the same ping repeatedly cannot bring any benefits for your page ranking. At the same time, you are irritating the search engine using the same thing repeatedly which may affect your website reputation.

Promote social shares:

Social shares can improve your website visibility. Nowadays marketers are using social media for different types of promotions. It is a great source of traffic for a website and can also give the authority and reputation a website wants. As the number of social shares increases, your website will get more popular and there is no way for Google to leave your website and backlinks unindexed. You can hire talented people to create shareable content and publish it on various platforms so that so many people can see your content and share it with their contact. Creating a social buzz is always useful for your content promotion.

Have you heard about tier 2 links?

These are contents with links that promote first tier links. For example, if you are sharing content which is connected to your website, the links which you acquire by it are known as tier 2 links.

First-tier backlinks are links that can be helpful in ranking your website.

2nd tier backlinks can make your content more popular and help to get more organic search traffic too.

Use social media, Q&A forum, etc to create tier 2 backlinks whereas the content quality will help to bring you tier 1 backlinks.

Use backlink indexer:

Even if you indexed your website using Google Webmaster tool and still if it is not working then you have another option. Try to use backlink indexer. This is a tool especially to index backlinks of a website. It can help you to get your backlinks indexed if it is not happening after the expected time frame.

You can find so many link indexing tools in the market. But when you choose one for your website it should be best. Backlinks indexer is one such tool you can use to make it happen easily. You can trust this tool as it offers 100% index rate. In addition to it, Backlinks indexer will also

  • Pings each backlink
  • Provides more social signals
  • Help you with quality link building
  • Help you to get permanent backlinks
  • Create web 2.0 links

Use robot.txt or sitemap:

Sitemaps can help the search engine to find out the pages to get indexed. Search engine crawlers index the pages in your website by the following sitemap. You can tell the search engine crawlers that how often it should crawl your website. Robot.txt is a different text file that guides search engine crawlers. It tells what pages to crawl and what not on your website. If you have not set up robot.txt file, search engine crawlers will index all pages without any restriction.

Web 2.0:

If you are using indexer service, web 2.0 is a very useful concept you need to know about. If any of the above options are not working, then try this step. You may have heard of various blogging website such as Medium, Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, etc. These are some free blogging platform where anyone can create an account and write what they want.

You can use these platforms to write about a topic relevant to your niche and spread backlinks on to your post. This is an old black hat method to index your website but be careful not to get penalized from Google.

While writing content ensure you are including 1500 words at least. No need to send backlinks to content with a smaller number of words because Google may consider it as spam. You need to write more words to look real. Just like that, you could send at least 6-8 links to a post.

By sending out such links you can improve your page credibility in front of Google. When a page starts to get more backlinks Google will automatically start to index the backlinks without any triggers.


Indexing backlinks is a very crucial task every webmaster should be aware of. It can affect your website credibility and success indirectly. As your website gets more backlinks from good sources it shows the quality of your content. Google takes it as a good signal and it will help your website to get an extra weight while ranking.

You can follow the steps that I explained above to make sure to get your backlinks indexed. Backlinks are very important ranking factors. Give it some time to get indexed. You can check back frequently and if it is not happening then try the best method which is easy for you.

Have you tried to do indexation before? Share your experience with backlinks indexation in the comment box below. It can help others to do link building and indexation process easily.

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