What Is An Authority Site? How to Build One Easily?

An authority website is the most trusted website by people. The users, the experts, the websites and even search engines trust it. It has got huge popularity. It has succeeded in winning the trust and confidence of people. All the popular and well-known websites are called authority sites. All of them are highly regarded. The thing worth mentioning is that Google decides which site has the authority. Other search engines are responsible for deciding this.

Authority Site

Every website owner should try his best to get the title of an authority site. One single link from an authority site makes everything valuable.

Google considers all the links from another website to the respective site. It takes it as a vote. It, then, ranks the website based on the votes. So, it will be better if the website owner gets better links. The links should be highly qualitative. It is a common saying that just one link from a high authority site is better than many links from many low authority sites.

How to Build an Authority Site or Blog?

  1. You should focus on getting more and more traffic. It is very important to get the article shared.
  2. You should analyze the speed of your website. When your website takes only 2-3 seconds to load, you end up impressing your audience.
  3. Sometimes you should develop lengthy contents. Writing detailed articles (approx 2000 words) gets good search engine ranking.

How you can get these links?

Well, the simplest way is to develop highly qualitative content. Your content should match the quality of the authority site.  Your focus should be on the audience. You should constantly work to get readers and not links. It is because you will get links automatically. You will get them naturally. So, work hard to impress your audience. Your content should be to-the-point, relevant, entertaining and helpful. That’s what makes it highly qualitative.

You cannot actually know what factors are most important. Google never announces the factors it considers while ranking the search engine results. It can prioritize any factor anytime.

  1. One thing is sure shot that the content is always given attention. So, one should not waste time in searching for factors. Instead one should devote time in developing highly qualitative content. The quality of content and the content of the article are very important. They are always a topmost priority. Make sure that you read your article in prior. It is better than getting embarrassed once the article gets published.
  2. Your content should be engaging, appealing, attracting and amazing. It should have the caliber to engage the user. They should spend too much time scrolling your website. Your website should offer them clear and important navigation. Ultimately, when your user loves your website, you will be highly benefitted. Your user should be able to digest your content easily. It should not hurt anyone.
  3. Your content should have a complete description of the topic. It is important to write a lengthy article. You need to master the art of writing less and expressing more. Your user should find it easy to go through your content. It should be understandable. It should be impressive. You can add images to make your content more interesting. And yes, don’t forget to do proper formatting. It is very important.
  4. Your website should be nicely maintained. The content should be properly formatted. The content should be divided into paragraphs. It should have bullets. It must be short and precise.

Why you should prioritize authority sites over others

Well, there are many reasons. Have a look:

  1. The search engines love authority sites. They rank them better than other websites. As a result, getting traffic becomes easy. Even the website gets traffic for free.
  2. People trust the content as provided by the authority sites. As a result, they share it with their friends and family. It improves traffic and diversifies it.
  3. Building authority sites is highly satisfying. It is because somewhere in your heart, you feel satisfied that you are helping people. It is self-rewarding.
  4. Developing authority site is not that difficult. It is a very easy job. You just need to be goal-oriented.
  5. When you build an authority site, you build a website for the long term. Your long term earning potential gets enhanced. It is because you will be happy. Your users will trust it. Search engines will love it.
  6. You can earn a high amount of profits. You will monetize your earning very quickly.
  7. You will get links naturally. You need not do anything extra in order to get links. So, you can focus on your audience. Getting links automatically will be an add-on benefit.

It can be said that building an authority site is far better than developing an old fashioned niche site.

Authority Site vs. Niche Site:

Yes, they both differ from each other. Many experts have characterized them in different areas. They are completely different from each other. The overall difference between both of them can be understood on the basis of

  • Overall market
  • Content changes
  • Link building
  • Traffic sources

Have a look.

1. Market Research:

While developing an authority site, one has to make sure that the market is very competent. Market research is very important. One has to know about the needs and expectations of the user. This factor needs to be considered.

2. Content Differences:

The quality and formatting of content differ in both of them. While building the authority site, the user has to do keyword research as well.  Make sure that 50% of the content focuses on the keyword. Remaining 50% should relate to the topic. A fantastic writer knows the route to effective writing.  He will give you qualitative content.

3. Link Building:

Many niche sites focus on getting good search engine ranking. They take all possible steps to get good rank quickly.  This may not be the case with authority sites. Every website owner has to focus on the quality of content to impress the reader.

4. Traffic Sources:

Authority site and niche sites both differ on the basis of traffic. The niche sites get traffic from Google.  This is the reason they focus only on search engine ranking. They focus solely on Google. They do this simply to get a good amount of traffic. On the contrary, in an authority site, the traffic can be invited from various sources. There are huge opportunities. Even the authority site fails to get good ranking; it will have plenty of opportunities.

This is how both of them differ from each other.

Pros and Cons of Niche Sites

The benefits of niche sites:

  1. You can build a limited number of posts initially. Then you can focus on building links.
  2. Your chances of getting success will be higher. You can convert your niche site into an authority site any time you want.
  3. Building a niche site is beneficial for those who have less time. You can take any small step to get success.
  4. You will need very less time to build a niche site.

The problems with niche sites:

  1. You may not earn too much. It is because you won’t get many opportunities.
  2. You may not impress your audience. You will be able to focus on a very less amount of crowd.
  3. You cannot create your own products and services.
  4. With success, things will become more complicated.

Pros and Cons of Authority Sites

The benefits of authority sites:

  1. You will get plenty of time to make money.
  2. On the contrary to niche sites, with success, things will become easier.
  3. You will always succeed in impressing your audience, the industry experts and search engines.
  4. You will have good quality content to offer.
  5. You will get many chances to earn profits.
  6. You will be loved by Google.

The problems with authority sites:

  1. You need to devote too much time and energy in developing quality content.
  2. As a beginner, you will face huge difficulties.
  3. It can be a costly affair. It is also very time-consuming.

There are many problems associated with it. But they are not that problematic. If done properly, you will be highly benefitted. You need to gain experience in order to perform it well.

Why Authority Sites?

Authority sites are easier, more profitable and highly interesting.

  1. They focus on impressing the readers. They aim to help people in the best possible manner. This is the reason they are successful. It is quite easier for developers to develop authority sites.
  2. Authority sites are known to be highly profitable. It is because they get a huge amount of traffic. They get huge opportunities to make money.
  3. Authority sites are interesting because of two ways. Firstly the readers love the content. So, they recommend others as well to use it. Secondly, developers make a high amount of profits. So, authority sites are engaging and beneficial for both parties.

Some suggestions:

  1. One should develop a high-quality site. One of the best of the content should be published.
  2. It should benefit the audience. The visitors should be happy and satisfied.
  3. One should publish the content that is loved and accepted by search engines. Such websites are ranked well than other websites.
  4. The website owner should be capable of making the optimum use of traffic.
  5. The authority sites get traffic from two routes. Sometimes they get traffic from search engines. Sometimes they get traffic from referrals. Both of them are equally important.
  6. Revise the website from time to time. Making improvements will be highly helpful.

How to get authority links for extremely new blogs?

Firstly, it is possible to get authority links. In fact, blogging is known to be the route to getting quality links. Things become quite difficult for beginners. It is because they lack experience. Consider the given below tips. They are very effective and applied. Have a look:

  1. You need to develop valuable content. Valuable content means something that will help a large number of users. You should give a unique headline to your article. Write data-driven content. You can take reference from someone’s content. It will be better if you do not copy it.
  2. You can promote the infographics on your article. Photos and images always catch attention. So, in order to get back up links, creating infographics will be suggested. Why not try it out when it is highly beneficial?
  3. Have knowledge of your contender’s backlink. It is important in order to take safety measures. You can spy your competitors’ URL. It will help you in making your strategy. Just because you are a beginner you should do this. In the absence of experience, this will give you direction.
  4. Every website generally has some broken links. Broken links are those unwanted links that go nowhere. You should constantly check if you have any broken link. Correcting them on time will save you from many unwanted issues. You need to make sure that you don’t have any broken link.
  5. You can also find out people who are really doing well in the industry. Such people will become your inspiration. They will give you direction by guiding you. You can see their interviews. Having contacts with top influencers of the industry will help you in the long run.
  6. Don’t forget to revise your content. You should make the necessary changes in them. Each and everything that you post should be updated.

In order to get good search engine ranking, you should get qualitative links. Follow the above-mentioned steps and feel the difference.


So, it can be concluded that authority sites are best in quality. This is the reason they are loved by people all over the world. All the subject experts and knowledgeable people respect such contents. They are very useful. They have successfully made their mark. Such websites are so lovely that people share them with their friends. They are known to publish relevant content. They provide content that can be trusted blindly.

It can be concluded that if you wish to serve people by providing them valuable content, you should build an authority site.

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