Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: What You Need to Know

Artificial intelligence is the latest way to market products and services to consumers.

While the world is still continuing to discover better technologies and newer ways to implement artificial technology in different fields, marketing giants have already started implementing artificial intelligence.

With the help of AI, the gap between a huge amount of data and actually implementing them is bridged. The results are more genius than you could have expected.

This article is all about how to use artificial intelligence in marketing and how it is helping brands to make an impact on the target audience.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Not just that, artificial intelligence marketing has started to change the entire scene of customer engagement and satisfaction.

AI marketing makes it possible for companies and brands to reach areas and corners where even the biggest marketing geniuses in the world could not imagine of delving into.

But before we get into the more complex part of how AI marketing is enabling brands to create a ripple worldwide, let us first get an idea of what is artificial intelligence marketing.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

Artificial intelligence marketing is the method by which companies bring together customer data and various AI concepts in order to study customer behavior and to gauge the customer’s next move, thus resulting in better business for the brand.

E-commerce companies had already started using artificial intelligence marketing way back, and now since the world has gone digital, every kind of brand is using this form of marketing.

Brands have a high amount of data and highly advanced analytical solutions that they have derived from customer behavior pattern.

Artificial intelligence helps the brand, study these data and makes it possible for the marketing team not only to market their brand better but also to have a clear picture of their target audience.

With the help of already established advanced data and the highly capable artificial intelligence, digital marketers can now easily boost a certain campaign’s performance on social media and also the have high rates of return on investment, with little or no extra effort going into it.

What Are The Three Elements That Make Artificial Intelligence Marketing Possible?

Artificial intelligence needs three main elements to be used as a marketing tool, which are as follows:


By data, we do not mean individual customer’s data. Artificial intelligence marketing refers to big data. It is a marketer’s job to collect and categorize huge sets of data based on customer, but without or with little manual effort. Once this data is collected, artificial intelligence then uses this data to answer a lot of marketing questions and to market the product better.

Machine learning:

Machine learning is important to analyze the huge sets of data that marketers have collected. Through machine learning, it is absolutely easy to spot any kind of trends or certain patterns or repeated occurrences in the given data. Once these aspects are identified, the brand has a better idea of its target audience and what they want.

Powerful and Effective solutions:

Just having big data is not sufficient for a brand to perform. The brand needs to analyze this data and get effective solutions out of it. That is where artificial intelligence comes into play. It can segregate data and understand deep Insightful concepts really fast. Artificial intelligence also understands the different trends across different platforms like social media, email marketing, etc.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Advertising

We are still in the primitive stages of implementing artificial intelligence in marketing and advertising of products and services.

More and more companies and brands have started using artificial intelligence in different forms like paid promotions and various other advanced marketing activities, and as consumers, we have seen a huge change in the way things work.

Effects Of Artificial Intelligence Marketing On Customers and Brands:

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing has led to higher expectations in customers and more customized marketing opportunities for marketers.

This means that in the future, the use of artificial intelligence will create even more consumers and a brand’s interaction with the consumers will become simpler than it is now.

But since consumer expectations will be higher, it will be a challenge for brands to continuously meet these expectations. Artificial intelligence marketing has made it possible for marketers to understand the needs of consumers.

Today every brand website has its own search column and almost every brand has a presence on YouTube.

Both these platforms are visited by people all over the world every day. Advertising on these platforms ensures that communication with the consumer is unlimited.

When the level of communication is so high, brands then use artificial intelligence marketing to make customization possible.

This means that very soon brands can even customize entire campaigns for certain consumer groups and cater to each consumer in that group. This will help them go a long way in meeting a customer’s expectations.

Designing a campaign has various aspects, like ideation, creation, setting targets, creative messaging, media targeting, retail sales and in the end ROI.

All these aspects of a particular campaign can be tailored to suit a consumer’s needs. Since AI marketing will help brands understand customers better, they can consider all the needs and expectations of a customer while designing a campaign.

The best part is that artificial intelligence does not just help companies understand the tastes and preferences of the consumers, but they can also have access to a consumer’s purchase history, how much time a consumer spent on viewing a particular product and details like these.

How Are Marketers Using Artificial Intelligence To Market Products?

In PPC advertising powered by AI:

PPC is still considered to be the best way to generate revenue in the digital world. While most agencies use their in-house teams to manage the PPC or give out the project to PPC agencies, the smartest marketers have started using AI to get the best of PPC.

With the help of AI tools, advertisers test a lot of ad platforms, and not just Google Adwords, in order to optimize customer targeting.

Currently, Facebook is using AI for its advertising and optimizing targets. With the help of AI in PPC marketing, marketers also get better layouts and better copies for the ads.

Highly personalized customer data:

AI scans through every single user’s personal data like location, time spent on the website, the device the user is using, his past purchases, etc.

As a result of such highly personalized data of every single user, websites can now send push notifications to customers based on these data and increase sales in real time.

Using AI-powered chatbots:

Almost all websites, whether they are providing a product or service, have dedicated customer executive who could chat with the customer to make their shopping experience better.

But the smartest marketers have started using Chabot’s to chat just like humans with the consumer and make their experiences even better.

From E-Commerce websites to food delivery websites etc., AI-powered Chabot’s have started to take over manual customer care chats.

Through AI chatbots a customer gets even better-personalized content. These chatbots have access to every information of use, thus making the customer care experience even better.

Personalized e-mail content creation:

Email marketing has been the oldest form of digital marketing. But admit it, sending a basic, impersonalized company email to subscribers and customers does not really go a long way in increasing sales.

On the other hand, AI scans through user’s personal data like his wish list, the time he has spent on a particular website, the time he has spent on a particular product on different websites, his previous interactions with your website and so much more.

So now you can create personalized content for each email to each user and connect with your audience even better. This will increase your brand credibility and your sales too.

Image recognition:

The AI-powered image recognition is accurate 99% of the times. Currently, platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest are using AI-powered automatic image recognition to identify faces and products from various photos and videos.

Marketers use this feature for better synchronization of a customer’s store visits. Stores use this software to link every customer’s image when they visit the store and save it to the customer’s profile.

So the next time the customer visits the same store, the software sends suggestions based on the customer’s previous visit.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing:

After having discussed all artificial intelligence marketing and how it works, it is time to discuss the huge impacts that AI is having on modern day marketing and how it is constantly changing the marketing scene.

1. Better search results:

Even till a few years back, search results both on Google and on individual websites were not very accurate.

In E-Commerce websites, if you entered the keyword to search for something, the results were not exactly what you wanted. You had to know the name of the exact products and then search for it to get the desired result.

But today due to artificial intelligence marketing, you enter one keyword and the results you get are a lot more than what you expected.

2. Better and smarter ads:

Have you noticed how smart digital ads have become?

The ad pop-ups that you keep getting on your laptop screen are getting better day by day. Previously also you used to find digital ads but they were not really something that would be of use to you.

Now artificial intelligence tracks and scans all your records on your system and sends you advertisements that would be useful to you.

3. More accurate content:

With the help of machine learning, big data AI, of course, the content curation has become more accurate.

Previously, human collected audience data had too many faults and glitches and were not very accurate.

Hence, sending personalized content to individual users was not possible. But now, with such accuracy, companies can send content to users that are really relevant to them.

4. Never ending process of learning:

AI covers all the uncovered and un-analyzed data from previous lots. So companies now have better insights and analysis of their customer behavior.

In the near future, the prospects of AI marketing will grow immensely. So, brands and businesses can continuously keep learning and getting better and better.

5. Better recommendation engines:

When the search results are getting so better and apt, the development of recommendation engines is kind of inevitable.

Sites like Amazon and Netflix, where you visit when you are in the mood to binge, completely rely on AI to recommend stuff to you.

Unlike earlier times when only your search history was scanned through to send you recommendations of things, now the scene has completely changed.

6. Marketing predictions:

Artificial intelligence and business intelligence merge together to help marketing geniuses predict the future of a brand.

AI has made it possible for a marketer to have access to every aspect of individual user data and have deep insights into how each consumer will behave.

This enables them to predict futures of different campaigns and ads, in terms of revenues, customer engagement, etc.

When it has become possible to predict a brand’s future, this would mean even more efforts put in understanding customer behavior to continuously make the user experience better.

Brands, in the near future, are going to touch new heights of customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up:

As said earlier, brands and companies have just started to implement AI in marketing their products and services.

All of us are still in different stages of research and experimenting. The initial stages are bringing out such massive changes and developments.

Imagine the widespread effects and results AI marketing is going to have in the coming years. If you thought your online shopping or simply surfing the internet experience could not get better, you are in for a treat!

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