21 Apple Marketing Strategies You Need to Learn Now

Apple is one of the strong brands in the market. The main reason for their success is the implementation of effective marketing strategies.

All their products are conquering the market and people will stand in a long queue to buy their new products.

How is this possible?

With good strategies and hard work, Apple created a space in the user’s mind. Also, the new generation is more brand conscious than the older generation.

If a brand can build trust among people, they will make it as their brand. This is what Apple does and sells all its product, making good revenue.

They are using every way to enter into people’s mind and make them believe that by using their product, people can make their life better.

How can they achieve that?

We cannot ignore the fact that Apple’s products come with better design and features. This could be the secret to their success. But, one more thing Apple does, is to turn their customers as their brand ambassadors.

If a brand has that much power to turn their existing customers into their brand advocates, then it will be more successful in any niche. If you are into marketing, make sure to know Apple’s marketing strategies to take it as a lesson for your future ventures.

Best Apple Marketing Strategies to Learn:

1. Keep the marketing simple:

When you take a closer look at Apple’s marketing strategies, you will get to know this fact that they are trying to make it as simple as possible for their users. No need to complicate marketing campaigns or advertisements with loads and loads of information.

Apple identifies this fact and they only project their product features simply without any technical terminologies. By reading their ads, even a simple person without much knowledge about technologies also can understand what they are trying to say.

2. Place the product well:

Next thing about the Apple brand is their product placement. They have enough revenue to make huge advertisements and publish them on TV or any other medium. But they start from the lower stage like using an influencer to introduce their products. There are many influencers who can make their followers, buy a product.

Apple finds out such influencers and makes them write about their products. These influencers publish this product review on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. By introducing this product to their followers, they are starting the seed planting. Now, from this, the brand will get more leads and conversion rates.

3. Free trial programs:

Apple offers a free trial of their service or product to those who can write positive testimonials of their product. A recent case study shows that 92% of customers buy products based on reviews from their family and friends.

At the same time, 70% of people buy a product by checking reviews of others who bought the same product.

Reviews and testimonials about a product can create a huge impact in increasing the sale. The brand also includes these positive testimonials from their customers on their website.

Like this, writing positive reviews about a product can ensure a good conversion rate. While featuring testimonials, make sure to include that person’s name and image avatar.

4. Unique price:

Apple’s other quality is its unique price. This is an expensive brand compared to all other brands of the same niche. The main reason for its high value is its unique features.

When they set a value to a product there will be that many features for that proposed value. Every marketer should learn this lesson from Apple. They never drop their product price for any reason.

When they offer a product for a good price, they make sure that it contains all the valuable features for their customers. Customers should feel that they got everything for what they paid. This is the secret behind their success.

No need to compete with other brands by compromising the quality of the product. When you offer a good quality product, you have the right to charge the price suitable for it.

5. Stand for a value:

Apple always follows the value they advertise. Staying consistently is very important in marketing. Offer your audience some core values like better features, Good design, stylish packaging, etc.

The brand is consistently offering all the above value for years. Each new product from them tries to advance with new features and outperform the older version.

Spread the same values on every platform to get trust from the audience. They have to believe that your brand will consistently give that value they stand for.

6. Know the audience:

Apple analyzes its audience and tries to communicate with them in their own language. Don’t complicate it with any complex terms or terminologies. The best place to know about customers is from social media platforms. Go to the platform where they communicate and know how they do that.

Apple does a lot of research and communicates with its customers in their own language. This will help them to create a good connection between the brand and its customers. It is one of the winning strategies of the brand.

7. Provide a better customer experience:

Anyone can make the product but providing them with a better experience is the main thing. That is what Apple does with their product.

When you go to an Apple store, you can experience this. Through its products, Apple is making its customers more comfortable and gaining their trust.

It is very easy to install and use all Apple products. Anyone can do it without expertise. This comfort makes Apple one of the best brand that offers high-class customer experience.

8. Connect with audience emotions:

This is another strategy of the Apple brand. They know their targeted customers and use trigger words to connect with them emotionally.

There is famous psychology which says that connecting with the audience emotionally can make a brand very successful.

Marketers can follow this as their marketing strategy to connect with customers emotionally. This makes users believe in you and bring impact to your sale.

9. Hire the right people:

Apple makes sure to hire good talents to develop their business. Also, they make sure about the talent of their engineers. As a brand that wants to provide good quality products to its customers, Apple has to ensure that all its employees are with good ability and talents.

By doing this they can make sure about maintaining quality and bring new innovations useful to its customers.

10. Creating a Mistry:

Another specialty about the product is the feature of creating mystery about the next release and its features. This secrecy makes customers very curious and they will wait for the next release from the brand.

Some brands announce the next product launch in advance for their customers. But Apple maintains it as a secret until they announce about it. There is a new experiment going on from Apple about leaking some information about the next product. Then everybody will start to talk about it and this creates a mystery for their next product.

11. More visuals:

Visuals can create great impact than words. When Apple makes an advertisement featuring their product they use visuals more than words.

You can hardly find some 10-15 words in its advertisement. Rest everything, they will feature using images. This can help to easily connect with their prospective customers and people will also remember images more than words.

12. Building customer communities:

Building customer communities can help every brand with its promotion. For Apple, there are many loyal customers who can tell good things about their favorite brands.

This can create a great impact on other buyers because when people buy any product they will check reviews about it online. These communities will help the brand to increase its sale through good reviews.

13. Concentrating on 4Ps:

Product, price, promotion, and placement are the 4Ps in marketing. Apple makes sure to place all the 4Ps in the right place at the right time. They won’t compromise with product quality and price. Also, Apple knows how to make their product reach towards people by placing it well.

14. Be straight always:

When a brand communicated with its customers, it needs to be genuine always. This is another quality every consumer expects from Apple. They give what they offer.

Customers are sure about this fact. That’s why they believe in Apple. Every brand should make sure to keep up the promises they offer to its customers.

15. Know what customers want:

Foreseeing is an extra ability every brand should have. The brand maintains its sleek design even though the features change every year. This was the vision of Steve Jobs to give a good product with better features and Apple is following this quality even now.

People also connect this brand with this great personality Steve Jobs, who made this company like this.

16. Whatever you do, do it differently:

Apple won’t follow the same way of marketing like all other brands. All those brands are now following Apple’s marketing strategy.

According to Apple’s co-founder of Apple “Design of a product is not what it looks like or feel like, it’s about how it works”.

So, Apple designs its product and market it in their own way without following all those traditional marketing and branding options

17. Telling a story to customers:

Storytelling is a very useful marketing strategy where brands can entertain its users. Apple introduces its every new product through storytelling. The man behind this brand was a great storyteller and that special talent of him made this brand like this now.

18. Ability to see things in advance:

Apple always thinks about the future. They develop new features by foreseeing future. You can analyze each and every change from its introduction time. All of them are very unique and traveled in the future well.

19. Rethink the need for an advertisement:

Spending so much money on the advertisement is a waste. Apple proves this as true. They won’t waste the money on making. They just include simple graphical representation to show the features of that product.

No need to spend money on creating flashy advertisements. Just make it simple and easily interpretable by including only important contents. They won’t show you where to buy the products.

All advertisements are straight without any technical terms or complicated features. Any business can try this model to win audience mind.

20. Turning customers as brand advocates:

Another strategy from Apple is their loyal customer base. They are becoming as Apple’s brand advocates and spreading word-of-mouth marketing. This is one of the simple and effective marketing strategies.

Apple can create that impact among their customers and they will turn as Apple’s brand promoters. When they write good things about a product, the sale of it will increase automatically.

21. Standing out in the market:

There are so many brands who develops the same products as Apple. But the identity of this brand is very strong that no other brands can compete with it in quality and uniqueness.

You will get many other products with the same features. But the quality of this product and features are irreplaceable, and this helps the brand to stand out in this highly competitive world.

Final words:

Every brand is following Apple’s strategies now. They are very effective and useful to other marketers who want to make their product unique and offer better value to their customers. By ensuring quality without compromising price is the best way to win people’s trust.

After gaining trust from users they will help you to promote your product well. The efforts of marketing and branding will reduce from that point. But to reach that point, hard work and persistence are essential qualities.

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