The Best API Management Tools You Need To Know

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are the most robust applications used today across various business domains and niches. It is because APIs allow developers to incorporate core features of intricate sites in the applications. APIs also enable such features to be incorporated and utilized in distinct ways.

API Management Tools

So, if you are looking for the best API management tools for your business, here we will share them with you in this post. But before that let me offer a clear understanding of what exactly does it mean.

Why API Management Tools are Useful for Your Business?

With the use of API management tools, it is possible to conveniently develop, manage, and safeguard the various core APIs of your organization. These APIs offer a lot than others and can help your business succeed online in this competitive market.

Moreover, APIs are highly useful with API testing and planning stages. They are useful as after designing an API, you have to test it to make sure it works in your desired way. API tools also help to ensure that the APIs deployed by you previously are highly compatible with the novel ones. As a result, your development cost is reduced to a great extent.

Most importantly, APIs help to simplify the process of publishing and deploying content across distinct platforms. They help companies to scale, secure, analyze, and manage their online business and meet the increasing demand. The use of such tools allows enterprises to create and develop APIs, which securely share their data and services.

If you intend to protect your online business from threats like sudden spikes and hacks, API management tools are of great use to you. This platform ensures that your online systems are regulated so that you can efficiently control the applications, developers, or partners, which access the API of your firms.

But you can gain all such benefits only if you pick the right API management tool for your business.

How to Choose the Best API Management Tools for Your Business?

There are various API management tools available in the market. Hence, you have to carefully select appropriate development software for your business.

Some of the important factors to consider while selecting the best API management tool are:

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Ease of use

Best API Management Tools

1. Azure API Management:

This is one of the most reliable and efficient tools that publish APIs to partner, external, and internal developers to unlock the potentials of their services and data and also offers the core competencies to make sure your online business’s API program is a big success.

This tool offers business insights, developer engagement, security, protection, and analytics to your website along with other features like self-service API key management, code samples, automatically generated API catalog, code samples, and documentation.

It allows you to explore APIs without a lining code or signing as a popular internet identity provider and gain optimized and simplified results for your business.

2. MuleSoft:

The next API management tool is from Anypoint, which is an excellent tool that solves the most intricate connectivity issues across SaaS, SOA, and APIs. It is highly productive, unified, and comes with hybrid integration creating a seamless network of data, apps, and devices with API built connectivity.

This tool combines the application integration process and data legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs with a hybrid deployment option to gain a high level of flexibility. It combines orchestration and connectivity with a managed API platform in a single package.

Anypoint does not allow hybrid integration for the cloud as well as on-premises. It supports millions of transactions in the biggest clouds and secure data gateway for on-premise and cloud connectivity. Role-based access, web-based dashboard, access to sensitive data, and robust enterprise safety enforcement capabilities are some of the prominent features of this tool.

3. Apigee:

The next tool is Apigee, which is a reputed and one of the finest API management tools introduced from their partner app, consumer apps, and cloud app, a record of systems, employee apps, and IoT.

This is a reliable software solution that lets you design, analyze, scale as well as secure APIs from across platforms. Moreover, this is a great tool that enables you to get complete control of the APIs and identifies how everything functions.

This tool delivers great solutions to let you meet your end goals in the form of agent, hybrid, or proxy. It is easy to use by developers and make convenient for them to use tools and data for building cloud-based apps. Also, it aids in tracking and measurement and comes with rich analytics that offers information about API traffic and lets you measure KPIs as well.

You can select among 4 pricing plans offered by this tool such as Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and Evaluation.

4. Software AG:

Another trusted and efficient tool that you can consider is Software AG, which was labeled as a visionary for Industrial IoT. It comes with a rich API infrastructure and is well-integrated and comes with numerous notable and innovative features.

Some of its prominent features are that this tool offers access to various open API standards. It supports users to manage the overall API lifecycle and comes with the feature of customization. You can use it to gain the power of a secured analytics gateway to your website and adapt and scale API.

It is best to first use its free trial and then move ahead using the paid version.

5. Fiorana Software:

This API management tool is highly effective in integrating services and applications within an API. It comes with rich on-premise solutions and can be used as a cloud-based service.

Fiorana Software offers a linearly scalable API gateway and allows exposing APIs to efficiently handle the various policies related to overruns, exceptions, and errors.

Using this tool, it is possible to monitor the deployed APIs to identify errors and monitor performance. It comes with mediation services, which support the data formats like JMS and HTTPS. Moreover, it offers developers an easy to deploy and manage APIs through the web console.

With its drag and drop feature, you can easily create APIs. The free demo is available for use for 45 days and after that, you have to consul the Fiorana sales team to use the paid version.

6. Axway:

This is another notable tool for managing your website’s API and offers you with cloud-based integration. It comes with a variety of rich solutions such as B2B integration, API management, app development, and content collaboration.

In addition to this, you can conduct predictive analysis and trend analysis of API using this tool. It comes with pre-build policies for development, which makes it easier for developers to carry their work.

The free trial version is available for immediate use and if you are convinced you can start using its paid version.

7. Fusio:

Next, we have Fusio in our list, which is a promising tool for API management. It is an open-source tool that offers users great solutions and makes API building a simple and secure task from distinct sources.

Fusio comes with numerous unique features with the most prominent one being a unique developer portal that allows developers to register the use of API. Furthermore, it offers developers with OAuth2 authorization that allows accessing non-public APIs.

This tool comes with a documentation app, which illustrates all developers about the various API endpoints. This tool is available for free use.

8. WSO2:

With an open-source framework, WSO2 comes with robust functionalities and is an efficient API management tool that lets you deploy on the premises. It is useful to develop a cloud-based framework and is available as a rich service.

This tool is highly useful when you wish to manage the overall API lifecycle, which includes policy enforcement, monetization, and management.

It comes with various prominent features. It is highly customizable and enables developers to earn money through a single platform. It is also supportive in regulating API traffic and hence offers great security against future attacks. It is a rich analytics platform that allows tracking and monitoring results and is available with a 15-day free trial.

9. Akana API Platform:

This is one of the most efficient tools for managing the life cycle. It comes with an end-to-end platform for securing, designing, monitoring, publishing, and implementing APIs.

With the help of this tool, it is possible to develop a partner ecosystem, which can empower and engage developers to deliver rich solutions on time. It helps to create, monitor, and discover APIs from one user interface.

This tool is highly secured and identifies vulnerabilities within your API code. You can also gain in-depth details of API analytics with this tool. Try it for free and soon you can shift to its paid version.

10. SnapLogic:

Next, we have a SnapLogic management tool that is great to create, use, and publish APIs. It comes with multiple rich features and allows using this tool to perform all tasks without manual coding. It comes with cloud-based API management functionality and works as an Integration Platform as a Service or iPaaS.

This tool comes with advanced API analytics for monitoring and tracking results. it is highly compatible with other API management tools and the developer portal keeps it simple to manage the API customers.

The free trial is available for use for 30 days.

11. Kong Inc.

This API management tool offers end-to-end solutions to organizations that are searching for the best solutions to solve critical problems related to applications. This tool is from Kong Enterprise and allows you to manage and control the API. It is an open-source platform that lets you manage the team and offer an integrated environment for development.

There are various plugins available within this tool, which can be used for extending the functionalities of other tools compatible with it. You can also scale it your desired level and hence it is perfect to meet the large workload.

Using this tool is absolutely free and you only have to download it in order to access it.

12. API Umbrella:

Incorporated with basic functionalities, API Umbrella is one of the finest tools like rate limiting, API keys, and analytics to any API. It is an excellent open-source platform that boosts API by integrating the standard HTTP caching layer.

It helps unifying APIs by offering a comprehensive and public entry point to the users. It is possible to design a single API key, which can be utilized across a range of APIs. This tool is available for free and is an excellent solution for users.

13. Oracle API Platform:

You can design APIs seamlessly utilizing the Oracle API platform. It comes with agile API development and holds a style guide that allows your team to adhere to JSON and REST standards.

Moreover, it allows measuring the KPIs and regulates the APIs access at the runtime. It comes at a rich pricing plan and begins at $2.01 per gateway every hour.

14. TIBCO Cloud-Mashery:

TIBCO is another premium API management tool that is utilized for converting to RESTful and SOAP protocols. It comes with a full-lifecycle and API management solution for B2B, SaaS, and public integrated APIs.

It is available for a 30-day free trial of software services. The pricing plan comes at a professional course and begins at $500 per month. You can get more details about the Mashery enterprise plan and are required to reach out to the company.

15. 3scale:

Finally, we have this tool that is convenient to manage external and internal users of the API. It enables you to distribute, share, secure, monetize, and control the APIs.

The pricing begins at $750 for one month for the Pro plan. For the enterprise plan pricing, you are required to contact the sales team.

Summing Up:

You can use any one of these API management tools for software development and use their features depending on your requirements. You can use these API management tools to perform necessary tasks and to gain a high level of success online. I hope these API tools serve your requirements and can help you meet the trending needs of your business.

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