Adult SEO: What You Need to Get Traffic to your Website

The online adult market is highly competitive, with being the most searched area worldwide. Hence, it is of utmost importance for adult website owners to drive organic traffic from Google as it is the only way to keep ranking top in Google SERPs. If you are finding it complicated to perform adult SEO of your site and create adult backlinks, you must read this post now!

It is quite hard to find lucrative and qualified traffic sources online and if you fail to earn qualified traffic you will never be able to earn revenue. So without much ado, we share with you the most important aspects related to adult SEO.

Adult SEO

What Does Adult SEO Mean?

SEO is an abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization, and hence, the aim of SEO is to optimize the website in a way that it ranks high in the search results for search engines like Bing, Google, and others.

Adult SEO is almost similar to standard SEO. But the process of link building is quite different. The best part about driving traffic and creating adult backlinks is that it involves huge competition and therefore ranking adult websites is quite difficult.

Why is Adult SEO Important?

The adult market is greatly competitive and the online market is always growing. As demand for adult content increases, so the number of websites competing for attention and search engine rankings is high. For this reason, search engines are also regularly updating the ranking criteria for sites to best meet user’s expectations. Moreover, the rules around adult content are very strict. For this reason, a specialized service for adult sites is important for the digital marketing plan of your business.

For adult site owners, it is extremely important to create a proper adult SEO plan. Only with a proper adult SEO strategy, you can drive more organic and referral traffic to boost client base and conversions. Hence, check here the most important things to consider about adult SEO.

The Ultimate Adult SEO Guide:

1. Keyword Analysis:

  • Check Market Competition

It is essential to identify your competitors in the adult market. An in-depth analysis of competition can unleash a lot of important details, particularly, the most ranking keywords, the kind of content that is working, and the way webmasters are optimizing their websites.

Ahrefs and SEMrush are great online tools that you can use to find new, high ranking keywords. These keywords can be used to establish new opportunities for your business.

  • Identify Keywords to Focus On

You can generate a list of important keywords on the basis of CPC or Cost per Click, monthly search volume, and other aspects. Search for long-tail keywords as they have less competition and convert better.

These long-tail keywords combine 3 – 4 keywords used for a particular search. Usually, they attract a small volume of monthly search but the conversion rate is quite higher.

2. Focus on Website Structure:

Create the structure of your website considering the SEO traits.

  • Select a Relevant and Simple Domain that People can Remember

When selecting a domain name, keep it simple and relevant. This can let you generate high traffic. A simple domain name keeps your brand more memorable and powerful. Make sure you use the focus keyword in the domain name.

Moreover, avoid adding numerous keywords and separate by a hyphen in your domain name.

Keep searching for the perfect domain for your online business.

  • Purchase An Already Existing Domain Name

One good way is to buy an expired domain name, which already has backlinks. It is because that domain name may already be attracting traffic.

  • Purchase a Brand New Domain Name

Alternatively, you can buy a new domain name. Select a top-level domain name, avoid using slang terms, incorporate keywords, and be creative.

3. Use HTTPs to Secure Your Website:

HTTPS is a secured protocol that can boost your chances to rank in Google. Online searchers always prefer websites with a secured platform. It reassures them, improves overall click-through rate as well as increase the loading speed of your site.

4. Increase the Speed of Website to Boost Ranking:

One major thing that makes any website special is its upload speed. If your website does not load in 2 seconds it can lose an immense volume of traffic.

The faster your site is, the simpler it is for search engines to crawl. You can boost the load speed of your site by following these tips:

  • Serve only resources that your page requires.
  • Use a responsive and fast web host to cater to them.
  • Save files within the local structure of your website.
  • They appear in the least number of files.
  • Optimize and reduce the size of files, particularly images.

PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom Tools are some great tools to increase website speed.

5. Use Robots.Txt File to Boost Your Adult SEO Efficiency:

In order to let web crawlers visit just the pages, which are relevant to your visitors, you must use Robots.Txt files. Such files offer a set of rules that offers guidance to search engine robots. They are used by webmasters to disallow bots from accessing the irrelevant pages of your website.

6. Create a Sitemap and Submit the Same:

A sitemap is highly important for web spiders. They inform search spiders about pages, which are indexable.

Additionally, a sitemap assesses the quality of content structure on your site and identify if anything is wrong with indexation.

You can create and submit your website’s sitemap to Google Search Console.

7. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users:

With mobile-first indexing, Google can outrank the website if the mobile version of your website holds low content quality. The mobile version of your site is less efficient than the desktop version. This can be achieved to build your site with a mobile-first approach.

Some tools to assess your website’s efficiency are to use Google Search Console to perform a mobile-friendly test. You can use proranktracker to analyze the mobile ranking.

8. Maintain High-Quality Content on Your Website:

Even today, content is king. But if it is not optimized you won’t gain any traffic in a coherent and structured way.

  • Optimize the URLs Focusing on Keywords

If you plan the online presence accurately, you already are aware of the keywords you will focus the efforts on.

It is essential to include relevant keywords in your webpages and posts. Another good way to avoid utilizing stop words, but the efficiency of this practice is more debatable and it seems to be relevant for adult SEO purposes.

  • Plan Your Webpage Hierarchy to Boost Relevancy

A good hierarchy of webpages makes it convenient for search bots to crawl your site and makes sense out of it. One promising way to achieve this is to organize the content by silos.

Other kinds of possible structures depend on the kind of content you feature. Avoid linking to pages from the homepage. The relevancy of your page must be the main focus. Select a flexible and long-lasting structure that enables the website to grow.

9. Leverage Pinterest:

One of the fastest booming websites is Pinterest. It holds high potential to drive large targeted traffic, which you can direct back to your website using memes, Infographics, and other media sources.

From starting a legit way to fetch referral traffic, it is also a great site to utilize to gain powerful backlinks.

Whenever a user uses Pinterest to ‘pin’ the image file from your site, your website earns a powerful backlink and a social signal. Social signals help build trust in your website and allow Google to understand that people are talking about your website on social media. It is quite simple to add a ‘pin’ button to the website, enabling visitors to incorporate your content to Pinterest.

Also, you can create a dedicated account for Pinterest for your site. There are a few verification steps, which you have to follow to receive verified do-follow backlink on the Pinterest profile.

You must start pinning and ensure that you pin the best pages on the verified account. You can pin compelling content, which is relevant to your market or niche. Pinterest users, which land upon your pins and boards, will also see a link to your site.

10. Utilize Authorship Markup:

The authorship markup is related to positioning a special link inside the website to indicate a publisher or author. It is up to you whether to use a publisher or an author, but you must use publisher markup if the brand of your site, company or product is personal.

The authorship markup can be used for a personal blog or site. Adding such markup is quite convenient. You have to hold a Google+ account before you begin. For introducing publisher markup, make sure that you hold a personal Google+ page, which is ready to use.

Make sure you replace the authorpageURL with the URL of your personal Google+ page.

11. Utilize Rel Canonical:

For a specific page on your site, there are a couple of distinct URLs, which people may use to link or access the page.

If your website is using HTTPs, the list of URLs, which can be crawled, is bigger. Having all such distinct URLs available in public to access that particular page not just results in confusion but also Google avoid crawling separate pages, which contain duplicate or similar content.

Hence, it is important to specify a canonical URL, which can consolidate all incoming links to your page. When you or your visitors create backlinks to pages, numerous variations of the URL can be used. Without properly defining a canonical URL, backlinks are counted separately across the numerous URLs rather than working together in sync.

The best solution to this is to define one canonical destination so that all links directing to different URLs get consolidated to one page, thereby increasing the link juice for incoming links. Canonical tags can be implemented fast and display results instantly.

12. Add Links to Your Profiles on Social Media:

You might be having profiles on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. One major factor for SEO is building links on the internet that point back to your site. But it is also vital to create links back to your social media profiles.

The links that you create to social profiles on your website get passed on the website. This kind of link charges the social media profiles and lets you gain a high volume of link juice pointing indirectly to your website.

Hence, do build links on your social media profiles as this will instantly boost the search engine rankings for your site.

13. Interlink the Content:

One thing that you must have noticed is that for most of the searches, the Wikipedia page is always in the top results. One major reason for the higher ranking on Wikipedia page is that almost every paragraph comprises three to five links to other pages on Wikipedia.

The reasons interlinking works great are:

  • It enables Google to index all pages of your website.
  • Interlinking creates as well as spreads link juice across all pages of your site.

14. Incorporate External Links in Your Website Content:

When creating content for the website, make sure it includes links to other websites or resources. Your aim while writing content must be to offer an invaluable and rich resource to the visitors and audience. Part of creating a rich article, resource, or blog post is to include numerous links to supplement resources, which help the visitors on your website to learn more.

Usually, rich external resources include linking to relevant pages of other resources or other websites holding high authority associated with your content. It is essential that external links on your website offer visitors with more details and help them comprehend your website content in a better manner.

Summing Up:

With all such information at your disposal, you now know the best ways to create an efficient and rewarding adult SEO strategy. So, keep all these aspects into consideration and practice adult SEO diligently to make your website a big success on the web.

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