Successful Blog Metrics Attributes

How to know if your Blog is Successful: Metrics & Attributes

Most bloggers wonder whether their blogs are really successful. They ask themselves what the yardstick of a good blog is? Is it in the magical number of readers and page visits? Or is there a special something that makes their blog really successful? Well… there are many important points that can actually make or break … Read more

About Me Blog Page

How to Write a Good About Me Blog Page: 15 Tips

Writing the about me section can be quite difficult and compelling. The entire industry exists so that it can enable you to tell your story better. The creative directors, copywriters and some strategists wouldn’t like it if you aren’t able to communicate properly. You should be articulate and strong enough. There will definitely be no … Read more

Getting More Blog Subscribers

How to Get More Blog Readers or Subscribers?

In the journey towards success, there are an innumerable amount of factors that contributes as a driving fuel. Starting from the step one to the last everything is of great importance. Be it a student, businessperson or a blogger, keeping in mind all aspects is necessary. In blogging, there are a few such milestones like … Read more

Protect WordPress from Hackers

How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers?

The unfortunate reality in every programmer’s life is that there is no absolute defense against security threats and hackers concerning WordPress websites or blogs. An intelligent and resolute hacker always finds a way to bypass the security precautions and will find a way into the system much to the programmer’s dismay. But it is the duty … Read more

Keyword Research for Content Marketing

How to do Keyword Research for Content Marketing?

Are you a business owner? Do you own a website? If no, then it is advisable to own one. In this technologically conscious world, it is mandatory that you own a website if you have a business. This would ensure a wider audience base and better growth prospects. However, owning a simple website is not … Read more

Internal Linking Tips Advantages

How to do Internal Linking – Advantages for SEO

A solid keyword research and On-site optimization has been the main motive of SEO, but Google works on algorithms, which are mainly about the links you put. Thus, the link building practice is necessary to ace for being successful and gain value. A great content is just not enough to get the traffic at your … Read more

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

How to Find Long Tail Keywords Free for SEO

Keywords play a very important part in searching of the websites, companies always try to get in the top searches so that they can generate more business out of the customers. One of the main factors that affect the business is the Long Tail Keywords. So, let us find out what exactly is the meaning … Read more