7 Must Have Firefox Add-ons to Simplify Your Surfing Tasks

Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser which is mainly known for its simplicity and helpful features. It is one of the finest browsers which is used by many people worldwide.

Be it any, a browser without any add-ons or extensions is just not special. As add-ons are the ones which adds beauty to the browser and also allows the browser do many things in an easy way.

Mozilla firefox also supports this special features of allowing installation of add-ons which makes them something more than just a browser.

The following mentioned are few add-ons to make your browsing experience much simpler and easy.

7 Firefox Add-ons to Simplify Your Surfing Tasks:

Below is the list of 8 add-ons which you can use while you are browsing

1. Foxmarks:

This is a great addon that help you manage your bookmarks and other things. If you are using more two computers then this foxmarks addon will help you manage your bookmarks which you have saved and all the passwords by synchronizing both the computers.

2. AdBlock Plus:

This is a famous and most recommended addon which is used by many people.

There are many sites on the internet which uses many annoying flash ads that make its vistors irritated and confusing. This adblock addon helps you by blocking all such ads.

3. Greasemonkey:

This addon helps you make your browsing comfortable and easy.

To make your browsing smooth and comfortable this addon comes on handy as you can make use of all user made scripts.

In simple words, you can customize the webpage displaying by using small bits of javascript.

4. FireFtp:

Not all developers or bloggers use CMS or any other programs. Many people use FTP to deploy or update their software programs, websites, apps etc

Every time when you need to connect to your servers you need to access through FTP. But if you do not want to install an extra program for Ftp separately, then an alternative solution for it is the addon FireFtp.

By using this addon you can directly gain FTP access to servers using your browser.

5. ChatZilla:

This is another useful addon that helps you chat on IRC networks

Internet relay chat IRC networks is an mode of communication done in the form of text. This chatzilla helps you to chat on IRC without you having to install any other seperate program for it. You can do it directly through the browser itself.

6. Video Download Helper:

This is a great firefox addon that helps you download and convert many web videos directly from video sites like youtube, hot start etc from your Firefox browser.

This addon comes as a great help to download online videos that too directly from your browser.

7. Url Fixer:

This is a wonderful addon that helps you fix Url mistakes which you have done while typing.

Like for example if you have typed wisestep.con then this addon corrects its as wisestep.com

This addon also asks for your permissions before making the necessary corrections.


To conclude, now if you are a Mozilla firefox user I would truly suggest you use this above-mentioned Mozilla Firefox add-ons that will make your browsing experience joyful and helpful.

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