7 Amazing Windows 7 Features

Windows be it any version is one of the famous and most used operating system globally. Though you might be well known about it, but starting in this way will be best suited for the topic which i have choosen for today.

Now when talking about OS, though you have many options in the market choosing the best OS is very important. But I have always been a fan of Windows 7 version like many others. Eventhough many years have passed by since its launch, I still use it as my current operating system.

You might be wondering why have I choosen Windows 7 features as my topic when the microsft has already launched windows 8 and also windows 10. Getting a doubt like this is obvious but it is also true that, even now many do not know the importance and useful features of windows 7.

You might be currently not using windows 7 as your current OS but I am sure you will want to opt for it after knowing its few salient features

The following mentioned are few important features of windows 7

Amazing Features of Windows 7:

1. Automatic changing of desktop wallpapers:

Before window 7 launch windows Xp was one of the most famous OS of microsoft. Though windows vista was launched after XP version but it did not gain as much popularity as XP.

Automatic changing of desktop wallpapers feature was first introduced in the windows 7 version. The main speciality of windows 7 is that it is built in with 5-6 beautiful themes, different sound effects, colors, designs and wallpapers.
You get an option of personlize menu where in you can select multiple wallpapers such that they get shuffled after some time interval.

2. Blu ray disc support:

Earlier before the blu ray discs, CDs and DVDs were the stars in storing and saving large amount of data. But after the launch of blu ray, the game has totally changed and the blu ray has won the high definition DVD war.
A single blu ray has the capacity to store as much data as a hard disk. The main feature of this blu ray disc is the large storage space and that too with high definition clarity. Windows 7 was the first OS that can read and write blu ray discs.

3. Live media screening:

Live streaming is a great feature which most of us enjoy. You might be knowing that windows media player is the default player that comes with windows opertaing system.

It is through the windows media player that windows 7 use streaming live videos, music files etc. The streaming is possible on any medium i.e either through a local network or the internet.

4. Same program with multiple instances:

If I ask you something like have you ever used or seen multiple instances of a single program on any of the operating system, I am sure that your answer will be a big ‘NO’.

But windows 7 allows you to do that easily as it is one of its features. You just need to hold on the shift key and click on the first instance of a single program on the taskbar. The next instances of the program will be opened directly.

5. XP mode:

As I have already mentioned that before windows 7, windows XP was one of the famous operating system of all time. The main functionality of it was that it supports all types of applications.
Though most of the applications are compatible with Windows 7 OS version, there are few applications that do not run fine on windows 7. So to overcome this windows 7 has a feature to run xp mode for such programs through a option or tool called virtual PC.
This virtual PC will allow you to run a full version of Windows XP in the Windows 7 operating system.

6. Direct access feature:

DirectAccess is one such important feature that business is wanting and moving towards Windows 7 operating system. The businesses move towards upgrading to windows 7.
This direct access feature enables to develop a bi-directional link among local networks or over the internet.
One more important feature to enjoy this is, your network must be running on windows server 2008 R2 OS.

7. Fast booting:

This is one of the most important features of windows 7. The booting time of Windows 7 is much faster when compared to its previous operating system windows vista.

It is almost about 20% faster than the previous launched operating system windows vista. After the boot it takes about 27 seconds for the login page to appear in windows 7 whereas windows vista takes 34 seconds.

To conclude, though you might be using any other version of OS but knowing about these salient features of Windows 7 will be always very useful. If you find that your current OS is lacking somewhere then I recommend you to use windows 7 and experience it’s all new upgraded version.

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