6 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers (with Fast Approval)

The primary idea of any blogger for running a blog is to earn money. Though there are many other reasons but the end thing is to make money through it.

Be it any reason, the best thing is that many people are willing and have started blogging. Now the important thing here is to understand that just starting a blog doesn’t help, you need be very active in maintaining the blog and especially should have the passion for writing.

So if you are one such newbie blogger and are looking for the best ad networks that help your blog to monetize which has a very low traffic, then here is the best solution for it.

Now to earn money from google, firstly you need to have a Adsense account. Adsense is the best ad platform which is the product or service of Google. The reason why it has become the best among all is because of the brand and the other thing is a quality of their ads.

But getting an AdSense account is very difficult. Though the basic requirement of ‘6-month-old domain’ is just a myth, instant approval for getting Adsense account is a tough thing.

There are several factors which should be necessarily maintained for getting an adsense account. Unique content and quality backlinks are few factors among them.

So it clearly indicates that smaller blogs usually cannot get an AdSense approval. For such newbie bloggers or blogs I have summed up few ad networks which can work as an alternative for Adsense.

Though there are many ad networks in the market, we need to carefully choose among them as there are many ad networks which do not hold a good record and cheat the bloggers by not paying money.

So for your help, I have summoned 6 trustworthy and reliable ad networks which you can use for your blog in case of monetizing.

6 AdNetworks for Small Publishers for Fast Approval:


This one of the premium pop ad network.

This acts as a perfect ad network for newbie bloggers as there is no requirement of minimum traffic for the blog.

The POP ADS ad network was started in the year 2010. They promise to offer 100% sure rates for their ads.The specialty they have is that they support all kinds of blogs, such as porn, adult content related, illegal ones etc.

The one main thing to remember is that when you sign up, you need to set up an auto withdrawal

By selecting this auto withdrawal option, you will be getting paid once you have reached the minimum threshold value of payout.

Approval from this ad network to your blog is instant.

Now let us see some of its pros and cons


  • The CPM rates are high when compared to other ad networks
  • Minimum traffic requirement is not needed
  • $5 is the minimum payout
  • There is an option of auto money withdrawal.


  • You can avail the money only through PayPal, Payoneer


Propeller ad network is the perfect match for a newbie blogger as well as intermediate ones. Now ones you signup there are few things you need to do and they are

  • Create an ad
  • Now you need to place it on your blog
  • You will be getting about $1 – $4 for 1000 views
  • $100 is the minimum payout amount.

The newbie blogger can get started with this propeller ad network as it is very easy. You will be getting paid using Payoneer, WebMoney and there are also other modes.


This is not the simple and general type of ad network when compared to other ad networks. Here in revenue hits ad network, you will not be getting paid for just clicks and impressions.

You will only be getting paid when the visitors who visit your blog clicks and it turns in to action.
For example; Say if there is a publisher who wants the visitor’s information, then revenue hits would be the perfect option for him.

Here the publisher will place the ad code on your blog and when a visitor comes and provides his name, email id , then you will be getting paid for it by the publisher.

The pay would anywhere around $10 – $ 50 per action performed
$50 is the minimum payout amount
The payment is done through PayPal, Payoneer and also through bank transfer

The best thing about this ad network is that it does not need a minimum traffic requirement. There are also bloggers who make around $100 per day through this network.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of this ad network


  • Good CPA rates
  • Good minimum payout similar to Adsense
  • Instant activation


  • You do not get paid for click and impressions, You get paid only for actions.


This bidvertoser is one of the oldest and best adnetwork which was developed in the year 2002.

The main speciality of this ad network is that it supports many types of ad formats. This is one of the secret formulae of this adnetwork to become successful.

Here many types of ad formats means more ads–> more clicks–> more money.

The minimum payout amount of this ad network is different by using different modes, like $10 via paypal, $20 via cheque and $50 via bank transfer.

Some of the pros and cons of bidvertiser are


  • Supports a lot of ad formats
  • Very low minimum payout amount.


  • The ads here are not high quality ads
  • The mobile users will be automatically redirected to app or play store
  • The interface is old and outdated

Your payment is done through PayPal, payor or cheque.


Chitika ad network is one of the best and top rated ad network among other. It can also be said as the best ad sense alternative.

As the technology has done tremendous advancement with time, many bloggers also have opted Chitika instead of other networks. There are also reasons for it and they are

The minimum traffic requirement is not needed
Low minimum payout amount
Easy to use interface

This chitika ad network is famous among newbie bloggers.

But there is one thing which you always need to keep in mind when planning for chitika, it is only useful if you have good search traffic. It is highly recommended not to use chitika if you do not have search traffic.

If the majority of your traffic is getting from social media and other sources then chitika ad network will not be suitable.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of ad network


  • Supports best publishers and advertisers
  • Minimum traffic requirement is not needed


  • It works on zero tolerance policy, Invalid links can ban you completely from Chitika
  • Only works for search traffic
  • Approval or rejection decision is time taking
  • Not best for earning money.


Infolinks is one of the best ad networks. The main specialty of this type of network is that it is very user-friendly and is very compatible with newbie bloggers.

Infolinks supports several ad types & is popularly known for their in-text ads.
Let us now look at some the pros and cons of this network


  • This adnetwork is a trusted advertising company
  • The payouts are done timely


  • $50 is the minimum payout amount.

Finally, to conclude, the above mentioned are few top ad networks which are best suitable for newbie blogger or for small blogs. I suggest you to try out these ad networks and make good money and better use of your blog.

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