5 Websites To Find Paid Freelance Writing Work

Are you bored with the regular 10 -7 daily job? Fed up with all the official meetings and tantrums of your boss? Then you need to move one and start up something on your own. It better be freelancing initially.

Freelancing helps you work as per your wish and likings. You can set the deadlines, rules and timings as per your comfort. In short, you will be your own boss.

This sounds very interesting but is it that simple, is what we should understand first. Freelancing is fun only when you have projects to do on a regular basis. In freelancing, there is no guarantee you will be having lots of work every time you want.

As every coin has 2 sides, similarly freelancing has its own pros and cons. Like advantages can be good money, time flexibility, work-life balance etc, the cons can be the consistency of getting work.This is the biggest con I find in freelancing.

The only thing you need to do when opting for freelancing is built up networks and be ready with alternative resources.

“You should not put all the eggs in one basket” is the perfect quote that matches here as concentrating on a single source can hinder different sources and you may face lack of work situations.

So now when coming to freelancing, it can be providing any kind of service, it can be writing, designing, marketing etc. As per my suggestion writing is the best option, though it depends on one’s personal interest. The need for good content is always available in the market and people are ready to pay well for it.

For your help, I have summoned few best sites that will you be busy with good work.Take a look at all the websites and choose accordingly which suits you better.

A Handy List of Freelance Writing Websites:

Before beggining with any of these sites I would recommned you to build your network and start from it. Even though these are few best sites, as a freelancer you should welcome more work towads you (only if you are confident enough to complete it within deadline).

A basic level of google search can also help you contact blog writers and the ones who are in need of good content writers.


Freelancer which earlier was known as GetaFreelancer is great job board that provides almost 100 + jobs for freelancer people.

There are different types of jobs available in Freelancer job board. From IT, writing, designing, marketing and many more, and for that, the only thing you need to have is the passion and skill for it.

If you possess the above mentioned two things then freelancer is the right place for you.

Freelancer is great for proving writing jobs, there will be some clients available who would need 500 + articles to be written, This is a cool place to get massive freelance jobs.


For best freelancing jobs or finding jobs, this contentmart is the best place. It is a huge community full of many jobs. You first need to register in this site and then bid for the jobs you want. This contentmart plays an important role in bridging gaps between clients and freelancers.


Constant – content is one of the premium based strict job providing a website. This website is one of the serious freelance providing jobs. The rules and regulations of this site are very strict, can be better termed as very professional.

That is the reason that if your article is good enough then you can charge or demand high for your work (something like $100 per article.)

Constant- content has a strict editorial process, but the demand for freelance jobs and quality seeking clients makes this website one the best in the market.

up work:

Upwork is one of the websites just similar to Freelancer which provide you with lot variety of jobs to do online.

It also provides all types of freelance jobs from writing, designing to providing services online. Though the pay is not too good, you will always have something or other to work.


This is one of the overlooked websites by many of the freelancers. But this is still one best site for freelancing writing jobs.

The best thing about craigslist is that it does not get limited to local network, you can find clients and other people network over it globally. It does not limit itself to the local area. You can find many companies and clients posting freelancing jobs like for writing for blogs, article writing etc on Craiglist. You just need to check and choose accordingly which best suits you.

Now to conclude, it is a good thought of doing freelancing but always remember that you do your work sincerely as the quality of your work would be the lifeline of your freelancing career.

It is best to start with one initially and enter the market, once you are good to go then you will get many other opportunities and that will help you expand and become successful. One final but important thing before entering a freelancing job is to build an effective and good portfolio of yours to market yourself.

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