5 Online Free Keyword Density Calculator Tools

Your passion for writing alone won’t help your blog to be successful. You need to have good knowledge on how to run your blog. For that, you need to have a little knowledge of SEO.

You need not be an SEO expert to run your blog, but at least having good basics would help you in the long run. You can find many websites or blogs on the internet but only a few of them are successful with good ranking and positions. Have you ever thought WHY?

It is because they just follow few SEO basics that help them run their blogs successfully. There are many factors for a blog’s success like unique content, backlinks, keyword research etc

When coming to the topic of the article, we are going to discuss one such factor that can affect a blog’s performance i.e keyword density.

Keyword density can be defined as the number of times a particular keyword used in an article.

It can be formulated as keyword density = number of keywords/number of total words.

Keyword density is an important factor that you have to check when you are writing an article. An article is always effective and links worthy if it is rich in keywords.

But as the saying goes “excess of anything is always harmful” fits this situation correctly.

When you have low keyword density i.e the number of times keywords used are less, then that article will not receive as many results as desired. On the other hand, if your article has a high number of keywords i.e keyword density is high, then your entire blog can be spammed.

If you are completely new to blogging then I suggest you learn few basics of SEO.

The keyword density percentage I feel best is, 3% – 8% for primary keywords and 3% – 5% for secondary keywords.

The keyword density truly depends on the basis of a number of words of an article.

The following mentioned are few top tools to analyze keyword density for your web pages:

Tools To Analyze Keyword Density:

1. Live Keyword Density Analysis:

It is very easy to use this tool. You just need to enter the keyword along with your article. Then this tool will automatically calculate the keyword density.

You also can edit your article here.

2. ADD Me Tool:

This is also one of the best tools to calculate the keyword density of your article. You can download your output in.CSV file format.

3. SEO Centro Tool:

This SEO Centro tool not only does keyword checking but also analyzes the tags cloud.
By doing so you can find out the prominent keywords used on that particular page.

4. Article Underground:

This article underground tool analyzes the URL’s metadata and will find and show errors if any.

5. SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool:

This SEO chat keyword density tool will check all the linked and non-linked keywords. It is another keyword density checker tool just like webmasters that will help you calculate the keyword density of your webpage.

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