5 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins To Add Author Bio

Being a blogger you must know very well that, there are ceratin things that every blog post should comprise of.

The essential things for a blog post are a title, not very short not too lengthy article, images with in the article, internal and external links, and most importantly the name of the author.

There are many who would search for the name of the author, if they like the post or article. It is by the author name that you will be gaining subscribers to your blog.

Many also try to connect to that author through their social network profiles and through other modes.

Such is the importance of having author name for your blog post. There are many other advantages of mentioning author name. Some of them are you will be getting more subscribers to your blog . You will also be having more followers on all your social media profiles.

The mentioning of author name helps in branding of your business or blog and also helps in increasing the trust factor.

There are times when the readers would like to know more about the person who has written the blog post. Many young bloggers ignore this important point without knowing its importance.

Now there is a myth all around that adding a author box is little bit tough. But let me tell you, it is a very simple thing to do.

If you are using wordpress for your site, then there are some pre defined plugins which will help you add author box very easily.

Now today we are going to discuss about some of the plugins which will let us display the author box along with their connections to social profiles.

5 WordPress Plugins to Add Blogger’s Bio After Blog Post:

1. Starbox – the Author Box for Humans

With the help of an attractive design , this starbox helps you display the author box for human beings and not for search engines.

This plugins also comprises of the feature of connecting to social profiles of the author. So with this way , they can easily be connected to their social networks like facebook, twitter, google +, linkedIn etc.

Even if you do not like the widget form , you also can choose another widget form from the widget settings. This plugins is supported by google’s microformats support, so getting rich snippets through google search result page is also possible.

You can also change the image of the author and can upload any custom image for the author box.

2. Simple Author Box :

This is one of the responsive type of plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin helps you to display the attractive author box after the end of the blog post.

The author box will be simple yet very beautiful which shows your name, a little summary some connections to the social media profiles.

Initially you need to activate the plugin, once that process is done then you can choose the options

from the settings. Like

Settings–> Author box page.

Though the author box is displayed by default after the blog post, you also show it in different places of the page with the help of some settings.

This plugin also gives you the feature of customization like you can change the font size, color etc. You also can hide the author box if you do not have any description to show.

3. Meks Smart Author Widget :

This is a plugin which will help you show the customized author box where you can make changes as per your need or structure of your blog post.

After installing the plugin you will come across a widget naming makes smart author widget, in the settings –> widget page area.

This plugin not only showcases the author box in a beautiful design but also has an automated feature which can detect the author and summary and can display it.

You can also choose the avatar to be shown along with name and description.

You need to change the widget name with the author name. You need to link all the article links correctly to the avatar or author. You also have the option of using custom CSS to make your look more attractive.

4. Fanciest Author Box :

The plugin now which we are going to discuss is the premium version which is developed by the them to soup.

You can find this plugin the WordPress plugin repository. This plugin also can automatically display the author box under the blog post and every page where it is needed.

This plugin also provides you with the customer support of the website.

You can also place the author box at different places on the website by using this 3 methods, they are – widget, template tag and shortcode. You can change the color code of the author box with this plugin.

Forgiving a smooth performance, this plugin uses a lazy loading technology. This plugin also supports different custom widgets.

5. WP – Author Box :

This is a plugin which creates some unique type of feature like creating multiple tabs in the author box.

This is considered one of the best WordPress plugin for displaying author box. This plugin shows the list of top authors in the sidebar along with the regular author box.

Top authors or popular authors are chosen by the post count or view count the post has received.

There are also some contact forms through which you can directly contact the authors.

This plugin is compatible with many such contact forms like contact form 7and also gravity forms. You need to create contact tabs in the author box.

The image avatar of the author is shown in a circular image form.

You can also hide the author box for few particular pages and post as per your requirement. With the help of custom CSS you can customize the look of the author box.

Now to conclude, to finally make the readers get engaged in your post usage of author box also plays a very important role.

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